If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I am SOLD OUT on the Concept of personal development.

I love motivational speakers and believe the ability to learn from others who have done what we want to do is an important principle of Success.  Even more important in network marketing is they have actually taught others. (duplicated).  Those who have achieved a full time income with the network marketing business model have accomplished something that 99% of the people who join a company will never do.  However in my mind, $100,000 plus income earners are a dime a dozen. I believe you should always look at track record and ask yourself how many full time income earners have the DEVELOPED.  Notice I… Continue reading »











I heard years ago from many Success Mentors that Fear of Failure, &
Fear of Rejection are the two EMOTIONS that stop most people from
achieving success.

After 35+ years traveling the road of entrepreneurship and working with
thousands of people and more importantly being aware of what people are
saying and feeling in every entrepreneurial endeavor, I would agree
with this assessment one hundred percent.

There are all kinds of valuable training in the world that will teach those
who are determined to move forward how to over come these two giant


As these feelings relate to building a network marketing team it is even
more challenging.


Where do feelings of rejection normally… Continue reading »

Here is the bottom line:

It really stinks when your email box is full of comments after tonights  webinar like:


“Exactly what I needed Dale”

“Can’t wait to get my framework set up”

You say what everyone else knows, but is afraid to talk about, love it”

I want in on the VIP program, this is the first time I have been on this webinar
but you rocked the truth!   

I bet some nasty gurus had their ears burning tonight, you where peeling the paint off my wall. Keep it real. After two years of trying to follow those social media girls, I finally launched it with 62 people I know.  Have 11 customers and 3 new business partners from my warm market, imagine that… Continue reading »

I appreciate the readers of this blog and the clients and customers we
have around the world.  Every week on on our Thursday No Fluff
Generic Training webinars we have people from all over the world
who attend live and many more who watch the replays.

Today in America is the Memorial Day Holiday where we stop and
give thanks for our freedom and the men and women who have
served in the armed forces.

About 15 years ago I had a consulting and training
contract with a Juice company out of Dallas, Texas.

I was doing weekend Super Saturday training events
for their distributors around the United States.  One
summer I had the opportunity to travel with one of their
top leaders, his name was Bill Pike.

Here is a picture… Continue reading »



There is no money in being ELVIS in your business.  It is not about you, it is
about what can be duplicated by those on your team!  Generational wealth is
created with the network marketing business model by developing leaders on
your team!












Key question.

What are your foundational systems and the process you take new leads through?

If the above video training made sense, I suggest you also check out the
recorded webinar at: www.MLMHelp.com/sponsormore




Frustrated Blogger3

I guess it was Empower Network that convinced the masses a few years back that you must have a blog to build a network marketing team.  If we just stop and take a breath, does this make any sense from any standpoint?

How does your ability to provide valuable content through the written word have anything to do with your ability to develop a team of people?  It is bothersome but I am starting to understand there is an entire generation of network marketers who truly believe the way to build income with network marketing is only by sponsoring other network marketers, create followers, and sell the worthless affiliate programs and lead systems.

I have some marketing friends who should be blogging, because that is their gift, their talent.  They… Continue reading »

Daily I get emails from customers and client that have drank the Koolaide.

Someone they perceive to be a Network Marketing Leader has sold them
that they must BUILD THEIR BRAND on social media before they can build
their network marketing team.(And oh yes join this affiliate program
so you have something to sell to the 97% of people you talk to that
won’t be interested)

The misguided story has not changed much since I wrote the 7 Lies of
Attraction marketing a few years ago.


At the time this book was orignally publishd, everyone was pushing newbies
to the internet affiliate programs, Google and other paid ads. Today, the
internet has been replaced with Social Media.

When new distributors are told to go on YouTube, Start a Blog, or every… Continue reading »

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