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If you are looking for tips on building your network marketing team, you are in the right place. You have found the correct website. By the time you are finished with this article my goal is that you will never type the word MLM Tips or Network Marketing Tips into your Google search bar again.

Literally for the rest of your career you will never feel the need to search for Network Marketing tips or nuggets, tricks or even hacks ………… EVER!

Why do I say this?

This approach to your business will never work! Over the next few paragraphs I am going to share with you my common sense conclusion after listening to over 7,500 hours of audio trainings my first 3 years in the business.

Yes! I was… Continue reading »

On this Thursday’s no Fluff Network Marketing Training Webinar, Dale is going to do something he rarely does at the end of his webinar trainings, he is going to take questions from the world-wide audience.

Having a clear understanding of leads, generating leads, and the amount of time and energy you spend towards this activity is going to be the focus of this weeks No Fluff Webinar. Dale will share with you several insights, plus discuss a mental block that is obviously present for many distributors, but never discussed.

This is a live training event you do not want to miss. Don’t worry there is no pitch or company to promote, just solid, unique training that you cannot access anywhere in the world, accept on Dale’s Thursday night webinars which are… Continue reading »

POWERFUL TRUTH from the one and only Les Brown!

The systems can be learned by everyone.

Knowledge + Passion = Success

At about 4 am in the morning on July 4th I couldn’t sleep.


I was rolling through my Twitter feed on my phone and found this video from Michael Newkirk.  Yes, Michael and I have a history.  No, I am not endorsing him or his company or products over any other Network Marketing Leadership Academy member.  I know many of you feel the exact way Michael feels, he just happened to be the member whose video I found.  Yes, I endorse and stand behind Michael as a person and leader who has the best interest of his team at heart.

Words cannot describe the emotions I felt as I listened.  I kept thinking, what  is the industry is going to look like in 5 years when… Continue reading »













I had heard about fellow Kentuckian,  Zija’s  Triple Diamond Robbie Davis.  Three or four years ago I had lunch with him and his wife when we were both attending the Kentucky High School Sweet 16 Tournament at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.  We were talking about possibly working with him to put together a training system for his team based upon my Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire Training program he had purchased years earlier.

We have kept in touch over the past few years, and two weeks ago I contacted Robbie because I wanted him to be a guest on our MLM Success podcast.   I knew Robbie as a no fluff,… Continue reading »



If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I am SOLD OUT on the Concept of personal development.

I love motivational speakers and believe the ability to learn from others who have done what we want to do is an important principle of Success.  Even more important in network marketing is they have actually taught others. (duplicated).  Those who have achieved a full time income with the network marketing business model have accomplished something that 99% of the people who join a company will never do.  However in my mind, $100,000 plus income earners are a dime a dozen. I believe you should always look at track record and ask yourself how many full time income earners have the DEVELOPED.  Notice I… Continue reading »











I heard years ago from many Success Mentors that Fear of Failure, &
Fear of Rejection are the two EMOTIONS that stop most people from
achieving success.

After 35+ years traveling the road of entrepreneurship and working with
thousands of people and more importantly being aware of what people are
saying and feeling in every entrepreneurial endeavor, I would agree
with this assessment one hundred percent.

There are all kinds of valuable training in the world that will teach those
who are determined to move forward how to over come these two giant


As these feelings relate to building a network marketing team it is even
more challenging.


Where do feelings of rejection… Continue reading »

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