The truth is $10,000 a month earners in network marketing are a dime-a-dozen. The sad part is most of the people that at some point achieved this type of income, are NO LONGER INVOLVED in the profession today. The network marketing business model has LOST a lot of good people, especially over the past 15 years.

Many of those people are DONE, they will never be involved in this great business model again. Believe it or not, "I understand Why". In this video we will explain how some people work so hard to develop a full-time income only to ultimately throw in the towel, and how to MAKE SURE that doesn't happen to you.

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Truth is Truth

This is probably the one training webinar I wish every network marketer leader could see and then come to their own personal decision on what to do with the information.


PS Doing nothing, is still a decision.



Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire

Barry Donaldson Testimoney

MLM Masses


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Being someone’s MLM  Sponsor and giving them the”Go Get’em Training Program”  is one of the reason the network marketing industry is not at the very top of the entrepreneurial movement happening around the world at this time.  With that said,  I have had three sponsors during the 20 years that I was building teams, and none of them effected my success or failure in anyway.

#1  A childhood friend & Best Man in my wedding  (He quite 2 weeks after I joined)
#2  A lovable yet senile old man that called me over 50 times to get me to look
#3   A staff member that worked here at Network Marketing Support Services

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When I ask myself what is the most valuable information I can share with serious network marketers at this moment, this was my answer.  I expect for this webinar to fill up quickly.

MY PROMISE TO YOU is after you attend this webinar on Thursday evening, you will understand more about how to develop a Large Duplicating Network Marketing TEAM than 99% of the people involved in the industry.  That is a sad statement, but true.

Prove it to yourself, I won’t waste your time.

Obviously this webinar is over, but here is the replay:

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