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I guess it was Empower Network that convinced the masses a few years back that you must have a blog to build a network marketing team.  If we just stop and take a breath, does this make any sense from any standpoint?

How does your ability to provide valuable content through the written word have anything to do with your ability to develop a team of people?  It is bothersome but I am starting to understand there is an entire generation of network marketers who truly believe the way to build income with network marketing is only by sponsoring other network marketers, create followers, and sell the worthless affiliate programs and lead systems.

I have some marketing friends who should be blogging, because that is their gift, their talent.  They… Continue reading »

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The longer I am involved in network marketing, the more I am convinced as a business model we make it ten times harder to build a team than it needs to be. Make no mistake about it, I think building a large duplicating organization of people is one of the most challenging undertakings a person can tackle. It is challenging enough, even when you are not continuously shooting yourself in the foot.








The essence of building a team really comes down to this –

You are simply looking for the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME in THEIR… Continue reading »

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In my opinion the reason many people join you network marketing team, but never take action is FEAR of REJECTION or Fear of Failure. These are very real emotions that countless numbers of people experience every day. As a network marketing leader, you need to cut through the layers of excuses you hear before you are going to be able to help your team members conquer these fears.

10 Signs Your Team Member Might Have a Fear of Failure

The following are not official diagnostics—but if you feel that these criteria are very characteristic of you (very being an important distinguishing marker, since as we all feel these things to some extent), you might want to help your team member examine the issues further.

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Building a Network Marketing business takes a tremendous amounts of time, energy, and effort. I believe one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is am I looking for a way to make money, or do I want to build a real business?

There are multiple ways to make money. There is probably more opportunity today to make money than at any time in history. Yes some education is required.  There are multiple ways to create a few hundreds extra dollars in cash if that is what you are looking for. Yes, many companies allow you to market their products and create additional income, however in my opinion, if this is your goal there are easier ways.

Consider this, if you market network marketing products you have to find customers, that… Continue reading »

There is nothing more discouraging than seeing good people, involved
with the wrong business models. No, I am not just speaking about the
network marketing business model.

Today, all over the world, people are sinking their life savings into
businesses that have no chance of success.


Their window is open and they are sick and tired of being sick and tired,
they are disparate to make a change.

Most network marketers get involved with companies, based not upon the upside
potential of the opportunity, but the relationship of the person sharing
the opportunity with them.

How did you get involved with your current company?

So how do you find winners?

I hope this video will help you figure out the best network marketing
opportunity for you.



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There are dozens of quotes from Jim Rohn, that have been ingrained into my brain, heart, and soul.  They are Jim’s words, and I always try to give him credit, but they have become part of me.  They are part of my belief structure and who I am.  I know many of the readers of this blog, understand exactly what I am talking about, because you have had the same experience.

Repetition is the mother of learning, and wisdom of the ages, is wisdom of the ages.  It is always in our best interest as people to make these principles, more than just catch quotes, but part of our own belief systems.  If you have never developed a REAL HUNGER… Continue reading »











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It doesn’t seem like a week passes by when someone doesn’t ask me Dale how do I sponsor dentists, chiropractors, doctors or other professionals into my business?  My response is always the same.


Listen if you are a dentist, chiropractor, or doctor then I think focusing on those in your own profession makes perfect sense, and we teach specific direct mail strategies that can help you make those exposures happen.  For the rest of you …don’t  buy into that propaganda!


Even worse is when people call me griping about… Continue reading »

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