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I just wanted to take a minute and Thank all of you for the encouraging emails, text, and phone calls I have received this week. I cannot tell you how encouraging it is that so many people are relating to the webinars Ron Henley and I did this past week and my MLM Minute periscope trainings. You can see a replay of the webinar here

A Critical Message for Network Marketing Leaders REPLAY

I know some of you are thinking what is Periscope?

Click here, this post will explain it all. If you are building a MLM Team,… Continue reading »

I hope that you find this information so compelling that you
feel obligated to share it!

Wisdom of the Ages Success Principles never change, truth is truth. The truth in Think and Grow Rich is as potent & true today as it has ever been and will be 50 years from now! Understanding this idea is crucial for success. Many people are looking for the latest, greatest lead generation technology and neglect the mindset aspects of leadership as it relates to the network marketing industry.

HOW DID THE LEGEND GLEN TURNER TURN $5,000 INTO 100 Million in two years?

Methods, are constantly changing with technology. Methods are very important, but any promotional method that worked in the past will work in the future, the numbers just decrease over time. New technology creates new methods that require new skill sets.

So understanding you must stay on the cutting edge as new lead generation methods evolve with… Continue reading »



Thank you to all of you from around the world that attended this webinar.

The comments Ron and I have received have been encouraging. Many people in the network marketing industry who are sincerely ready to do what it takes to build a team. I had an email box full of people asking why we did the webinar at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Monday. Honestly, I only wanted full time network marketers on the webinar because I didn’t feel the info was for new distributors.

From the “I want my team to hear this” emails I have received I think I assumption was wrong.

So because we did not record it, we are conducting another live event this Thursday August 27th at 9:00 PM. Here is the link to register CLICK HERE to register… Continue reading »

Today there is more confusion in the market place that at any other time. You have affiliate marketers who think they are in network marketing. You have direct sales people thinking they are involved in affiliate marketing. You have internet marketers who are just trying to grab a buck from any niche they can in every way they can and the scenarios go on and on.

The first question we should ask ourselves is what am I really trying to accomplish? Am I trying to make money or am I attempting to build a business? The truthful answer to this question will effect every decision you make, no matter what kind of business you are in so now would be a good time to answer it for yourself.

Are you trying to make money, or are you attempting to build… Continue reading »

I did a persicope video early today and promised to place this Earl Nightingale THE STRANGEST SECRET video for you here.

You are looking at a framed picture of the RECORD that was recorded in 1966. “Truth is Truth” the wisdom of the ages, is the wisdom of the ages. This hangs in my Georgetown, KY office and personally provides me more inspiration than and Million Dollar Art Work ever could!


If you are not following us on periscope yet, you can that on Twitter.

If you have heard any of my training programs over the past 30 years you have probably heard me say 1000 times “Until you know Why the How Doesn’t Matter”!

I pride myself on the fact that when I entered the network marketing industry over 30 years ago, I was smart enough to know… Continue reading »

I first heard about Periscope about a month after it launched. KSR (Kentucky Sports Radio) host Matt Jones was the first person I heard talking about it. I listen to KSR almost every morning while I check email using my IHeart Radio app. It is a local Lexington Kentucky area radio show, and I currently live in the Atlanta area.

Not too long after I heard Matt talking about Periscope I started receiving text notifications on my phone from people I follow on Twitter saying so-and-so is going live on Periscope. It was at this point that I started to understand the powerful potential the Periscope App had for network marketing leaders.

I did a training on this for some of my insiders. The text messages and emails I have received from those that were on this webinar have been… Continue reading »

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