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1. Quick Message from Dale
As you probably know, in the past we have produced 
full blown html newsletters every month. 
With the evolution and popularity of our blog at 
www.mlmhelp.com, be have gotten away from 
producing newsletters.
I continue to hear “Dale I miss your newsletter”.
So we are going to how we originally started with 
an email text newsletter, that we will mail out on 
We will see how it goes, and what kind of response
it get’s from our subscribers.
As you have heard me say many times, “Time is 
the most valuable asset we have”.  I want to spend
mine on projects that truly help, educated, and inspire
people, or it’s just not worth the time.
You feedback is appreciated.
2.  The difference between Internet Work 
Marketing and Network Marketing
I did a conference call a couple of weeks 
ago for our Top Coaching Clients and Customers.
We talk about a lot of things, but my main point
was that I believe 2013 will be the year where the
line is clearly drawn in the sand and people 
start to understand the difference between traditional
network marketing and internet work marketing.
Note I am not saying Internet Marketing I am saying 
Internet WORK Marketing.
Since the Evolution of the Internet I have always taught
the Internet provides and ADDITION to the proven 
lead generation programs of the past, it is NOT  a 
I still believe that, however from this a distinct new 
business model has arose that I call Internet Work 
Internet Work Marketing Companies offer some of 
benefits of multilevel pay plans, but are designed 
basically for those that simply want to work online.
Some of these programs offer what I call “All Inclusive”
systems.   Meaning online presentations, lead capture
pages, member training modules, etc.   Everything 
is “self contained” under one unberella. 
I believe the popularity of these type of programs will
continue to grow, as they do it is going to become 
more and more important to understand the difference
between the flash in the pan and those that offer true
long term income.  
A recent example of this is the ILA program that exploded
to about 40,000 members in what seem like a few days.
I understand how and why it happen, but to me the program
makes no sense!  Seriously how many of you have a
app on you pone you are paying $6.00 – $9.00 a month 
If the product doesn’t have customers outside the 
comp plan, you need to think hard before wasting too 
much of your valuable promotion time.on it.  More on 
this idea here:  ILA  REVIEW
Here is the bottom line.  Network Marketing is about 
“Leadership Development”  Your income is in direct 
proportion to the number of leaders you develop on 
you team.
Inter Net Work Marketing and Internet Marketing for that
matter is about List Building.
If you would like to view the special webinar we did 
you can watch it here.
3. Helping the kids you Love to 
Develop the Right Mindsets
I am really excited to share this with you.
I co-authored  my first children’s book with my
We are really excited about this and elated
about the 25+ positive reviews it has received.
This was the latest:
"I liked reading your book! I teach 
3rd grade and sometimes can't quite 
get this message across to 8 year olds. 
I'm going to forward the title to our 
guidance counselor! "
So every time I head back home to Kentucky for a 
visit, Chapel and I will be writing a new book. It is 
going to be a fun project that I look forward to with 
my granddaughter and hopefully we can make a positive
impact on the life of many children.
“Formal Education Makes You a Living, If
You Become Self Education You Can 
Create Fortune”   Jim Rohn
If you missed my recent Blog Post on Jim
Rohn, it is worth the read!
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