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Using My Space to Generate Tons
of Free Traffic and Sales

by Andrew Fox

MySpace is now a common place
name in most households.

Frequently used by musicians, martial
arts fighters and even porn stars its
growth has been nothing short of

Rumored to be generating between
100,000 – 200,000+ new members
on a DAILY basis, it’s a marketers
dream come true.

And why’s that?

Internet Advertising have traditional
advertising agency’s running scared.

People are…

CHOOSING what advertisements
they want to watch..

CHOOSING what groups they wish
to join and what cultures…

This is called social networking and
is a truly amazing thing.

Before people used to watch tv and
watch what was ‘on the box’ Now they
can go online download what songs
they want, view what videos they
want to see.

People now have choices…… Continue reading »









I can remember Snow Days as a kid.  I loved them, sled riding until my hands and feet were numb and then warming up with a couple of cups of hot chocolate. It was an all day and all night experience.

Snow Days today as an adult are a little bit different.  Personally It wouldn’t bother me if I never saw snow again.  Today we just had about 1/2 foot of snow dumped on us here in Georgetown, Kentucky. So tomorrow I won’t be able to get to the office and will be home bound.

Thankfully I will be leaving for Dallas on Thursday (66 degrees there today) I get home Sunday and Monday Stephanie and I are heading to the Florida Keys for a couple of weeks!

However tomorrow… Continue reading »

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