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Focus Will be on Cancer Cure Claims

May 30th, 2007
I reported in Alert #78 that The Wall Street Journal had published an article critical of Mannatech's alleged condoning of various medicinal claims by their distributors. This article quoted Mannatech Chairman and CEO Sam Caster as saying "Nobody is claiming these products by themselves are providing a treatment for disease." But the column's author described first hand experiences with Mannatech reps making "sweeping claims about the power of Mannatech products to provide relief from serious disease." I also cited my own online investigation where I discovered, quickly and easily, several web sites where disease treatment claims were being made about specifically the Mannatech brand of products.

In the four minute video teaser of the upcoming segment on the 20/20 web site,… Continue reading »

Our readers Write


Below is an email I received from one of our readers. I decided to share my thoughts regarding his question with publicly.


I hope this helps everyone!


If you haven’t joined FREE IQ this is not an option and there is no excuse for anyone who is serious about marketing not to join, it’s free!


Go here and join right now, before you continue reading!

Beginning of Email


Good Afternoon Dale,

I truly enjoy your emails because of their core intentions of empowerment and honesty.

Recently I registered as an affilate for Free IQ and wish to maximize this wave. If you don't mind disclosing, what are a couple ways to be uniquely positioned in that vehicle produce income?

Thank you for your time and mentorship,





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The Eagle gently coaxed her offspring toward the edge of the nest. Her heart quivered with conflicting emotions as she felt their resistance to her persistent nudging.

"Why does the thrill of soaring have to begin with the fear of falling?" She thought. This ageless question was still unanswered for her.

As in the tradition of the species, her nest was located on the shelf of a sheer rock face. Below there was nothing but air to support the wings of each child. "It is possible that this time it will not work!" she thought. Despite her fear, the eagle knew it was time. Her parental mission was all but complete. There remained one final task-the PUSH.

The Eagle drew courage from an innate wisdom. Until her children discovered their wings, there was… Continue reading »

For several months I have been talking about Web 2.0 and the impact it is going to make on the marketing world.

From my article in December about the number of Ipods in the US increasing in America by over 25% on December 26th.

Here is another example of what is happening. Check out this new video on

Ladies and Gentleman, take some time and THINK…..come up with at least one new WEBSITE 2.0 IDEA and then implement it on YouTube, MYSpace, CraigsList, etc…..

Time is getting short, you have to get your feet wet right now!

Here is a resources we have talked about in the past, if you don't own it, it is worth the read!



Excellent MYSPACE education







First let me make this perfectly clear.




A divided mind achieves nothing!


After 27 years in this industry, I have
never met anyone who is currently earning
$10,000+ a month in two different companies

While attempting to build BOTH at the same time!


I have met people who built a large organization in company A.   Semi-retired and came back a few months or years later and built a $10,000+ monthly income in company B. 


However in 100% of the cases they have done this with out attempting to recruit distributors from company A into company B


With all that said, I believe the in todays marketing
world it is mandatory to create multiple streams of income.

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Hi I want to start this with an email I received this weekend,from an old friend of mine.



Hi Dale,



I just wanted to give you an update on what is happening with me.


As I have told you before,  The Seminar of the Century that you held, changed my life.


You got we writing and submitting articles to Ezines, which ultimately lead to the publication of my book.


I am now writing articles and submitting them todirectories and earning over $3,000 a month,  I am having a BLAST doing this!


I got the blueprint for this business model at:


I am forever in your debt!





As I read this email, my immediate thought was I wonder how many… Continue reading »

     It is predictable, you get involved with a MLM Opportunity, you blow throw the people you know letting them know about your products and opportunity ….NOW WHAT?


How do you find more people to talk to? 

Unfortunately a great deal of newbie distributors start buying MLM leads from various lead companies.  This is the wrong move! 

MLM Lead companies at their BEST offer inconsistent leads. 

Until you have Master How to create your own leads, why would you spend your hard earned money on leads?  I talk more about this concept at


I am not against MLM lead generation programs.  They have there place, after you have mastered how to create leads in your local market. 

When I first started in the industry, there were… Continue reading »

If you have talked to everyone on your list and you have nobody left to talk to you have made a  terrible mistake, the best advice I can give you is don’t let knew members that join your team make the same mistake. Let me explain.   The foundation for every professional sales system is based upon referrals.  Unfortunately very few new MLM distributors are taught how to obtain referrals.   They blow through their warm market and run out of prospects in the process.  Internalize and teach this phrase and it will make a powerful positive impact on the growth of your organization.  If you were going to do this business, who would be the first person you would talk to?  Who would be the second?  Who else do you know that… Continue reading »

A couple of years ago we wrote and published our first Ebook MLM Insight.(  At the end of the ebook we had an evaluation that distributors had the option to complete and email to me.

I personally looked over the evaluations and made suggestion on how they could move their network marketing business forward. I was absolutely amazed at the people who have been with a company a couple of years, have six or seven distributors in their organization, and hadn’t personally sponsored anyone in ninety days or longer.

Now, a couple of years later and nothing has changed. That is were the inspiration for this article came.

Professional Network Marketers, Leaders, and Future Leaders RECRUIT EVERY WEEK! Period!

You must establish your recruiting rhythm, so each and every week you are prospecting and recruiting. Momentum in your… Continue reading »

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