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Lexington, Kentucky

Self-made marketing millionaire Dale Calvert & his company Calvert Marketing Group have just launched a new website designed to support entrepreneurs who need to create online leads for their business.

The site is and it is a unique lead capture system designed to collect legitimate data from people who have a true interest in working from home.

Statistics tell us that the number of people leaving phony data online in today’s market has increased over 600% in the last eleven months.

With concerns over identity theft and spam even potential customers with a true interest are cautious providing verifiable data today, even on secure websites.

Calvert believes that the answer is to give away something of real value and actually mail it directly to the potential customer through the postal system.

“Prospects know that to receive their… Continue reading »

How did we do it?
I told you how in last month’s newsletter!

Check it out here:




Hi today is the craziest day we have ever had at the office.

Our phones are ringing off the hook, emails are coming in like popcorn.

The Top Clients Webinar has gotten everybody fired up.

Staytune for update, but we will respond to everyone ASAP


On Wednesday of this week, I had a very unique and special
experience. A young man drove 6 hours from Michigan to
have a 1 hour consultation with me.

His name is Harry Brown, and he brought his upline Aaron who
is one of about 21 People at the top level of their MLM

He came in the office carrying a large framed print titled
“DREAMS” He said I bought this to give to you the
first year I made a six figure income, and it has only taken
me eight years to get it to you.

He went on to explain that that when he first met me, and
started listening to my training programs he was working
as a prison guard in Michigan.

He was living in a trailer with his wife and kids. 5 years to… Continue reading »


Tweeters ……. this will give you a chuckle


109 Page FREE Ebook

Just launched and people are loving

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September 08 will be a month I will always remember.  I have chosen to not participate or think about high gas prices, foreclosures, and all the doom and gloom that everyone wants to talk about.  There is no question that this has been one of the best months of my business career with multiple projects (that you will hear about soon) coming together.

It is during these times, that the greatest progress can be made, by those with clearly defined goals and focused work ethic.  Your competition is usually

immobilized and scared. Move forward in faith and focus on giving strong value to the end user… Continue reading »

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