Monthly Archives: February 2009

You can check it out here:

In February I attended a basketball game at Dominion Christian
High School.  My friend Dawn’s daughter is a cheerleader for
the school.

That night I witnessed one of the most inspirational events
I have ever witnessed.  I have been wanting to write about
it, but tonight Dawn found this video.

I had no idea when I attended the game that I would be
touched the way I was.  I am thankful to have been in the
stands, and left the game encouraged.

I think you will be touched and inspired as well, check
out the video and pass it along.


Here is the video Link

This program spread so quickly that
Facebook freaked out.

However, it seems like they have
everything worked out now.

A very cool application, and the
most powerful online video I
have ever seen to appeal to the
masses, and very viral.

Even if you don’t have an interest
in using the application (I don’t)
You should check out the video

You may want to join (I did)
This will be a nice little passive
income generator.  It appeeals
to the younger crowd!

Check out the video here

Well Danny,
The way Dale talks about things just clicks with me.
I feel very grateful to have found him it must be awesome
to work with him directly.
Thank you for your kindness and support.


Bill Cason

Hey check this out…

I just found this site that shows you a
way of getting 1000’s of new followers
on twitter, I just started using it
myself and its starting to work

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