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Do you want free “targeted” leads for life?

You have got to check out the VIDEO on this website
it absolutely blew me away. Your mind will immediately
see an unbelievable amount of possibilities.

Peter Wolfing spent months designing a new leads software
called Scraper Pro. It’s a great “tool” in your marketing arsenal
that will help you big time in your primary business.

It finds targeted leads with one push of a button.

My friend Justin used it the other day and typed in MLM
Pro and went to sleep. Then when he woke up in the
morning he had over 9OO leads.

Just type in a keyword or company name and press start.
That is as easy as it gets. The software then starts hunting
the net for targeted leads for you… Continue reading »

I hope our readers will be able to meet with me in Orlando
in December. Myself and 16 other speakers will be speaking
at the World Famous Internet Marketing and Joint Venture
Conference hosted by marketing legend Michael Penland.

This is a great event, and as a speaker I always leave
inspired with dozens of unique ideas I can put into action.

You can get all the details here:

First if you haven’t seen this mlm training video you should
take a look:

As far as your downline being stagnate, the real
question is who sponsored them? Or should I
say “closed” them into the business?

As we talked about earlier this month, Sales people
close, network marketers develop leadership.

I guess I am going to be on this topic for a little
while, I can’t quite seem to get it out of my

Yesterday I was reading a promotion for a network
marketing training seminar. The speaker promised
to share 8 different ways to close your prospects!

This is a MLM Training that may sound great on
the surface, but in all reality will hurt your business.

The truth is, you will learn 8 different ways to get
people into your… Continue reading »

I just returned from speaking in Budapest
Hungary at the MLM Mastermind Day event.

You can check out my pictures from the
event if you would like at:

Thee were about 500 people in attendance
from all over Europe. I had a wonderful
time and Szilárd Mátrai the promoter of the
event did a great job.

When 2009 is over I will have spoken at 23
events. 21 within the United States and 2

I try to always learn more than I teach when
I travel and speak. Sometimes it is just a
reminder of what NOT to do.

There are 3 things I learned in Hungary that
all networkers, especially those in the United
States should take to heart.

(1) Education is required to become Successful

I was shocked at the percent… Continue reading »

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Also webinar this Sunday Evening October 4th

and Live MLM Training “Lead Generation Mastery” in Louisville
Kentucky on November 7th


My 2010 Calendar is filling quicly, if you would like
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Sales People “Close” Network Marketers “Develop Leaders”

As I look back on the last 30 years in the network marketing
industry, a paradigm shift that really took my business to
a new level was realizing that I was not in the sales business
but the leadership development business.

It is very important that you understand this as it relates to
recruiting new team members. Sales people close, but not
network marketing leaders.

If you have to close them into your business then you will have
to continue to sell them to do anything after they join. Nobody
has time for that.

You are looking for people that are looking for opportunity.

“A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still”

When I first got involved in the network marketing industry I
read… Continue reading »

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