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Feature Article

The article below was originally published in the
July 2003 Issue of our MLM Help Ezine.


Dale Calvert

PT and Dale

I was sitting in church last Wednesday night, and
during the announcements one of our associate
pastors, PT Kemper was brought up to address
the congregation.

PT explained how the church was trying to raise
money to re-do the nursery. He then went on
to explain how that afternoon a young man from
Tennessee had stopped by the church with a
product that was the next best thing since
“Snake Oil”.

Those of you with a background or knowledge
of the Shaklee Corporation have probably heard
of Basic H. It is a phenomenal product with
1001 uses, everything from brushing your teeth,
to putting a few drops in… Continue reading »

Facts & Myths of Multilevel Marketing
copyright 1995 by Len Clements


Now more than ever, we are mostly just recruiting
each other. Eventually we have to stop and learn
how to create leads and bring those that have never
been in the industry in.

Several months ago I received a call from one of my downline
distributors inquiring about a good MLM list. Bob then asked
specifically if a list of heavy hitters existed and how I might
approach them. My response was something to the effect of,
“Bob, why would you want a list of people who are the least
likely to want to join your opportunity?”… Continue reading »



This is one of the BEST ARTICLES I have ever read. Every network marketer should read and internalize.

"I Thought I Knew What Made Me Successful, but I Was Wrong!" 
By Mark Yarnell 


Until recently, I've never really been able to share what I've accomplished, because although I had the competency skills to build a Network, I didn't really know what I knew. I went all over the country talking to various groups and sharing with them the tools I thought had made me successful. I now know that none of those systems really resulted in my success. I didn't understand that until I met with Dr. Albert Van Dura at Stanford University.


Dr. Van Dura is a former president of the American Psychological Association and has been a Stanford psychologist for 40 years. He's written… Continue reading »

Sometimes it happens.

I started writing an article for the Holiday Issue
of my “NO FLUFF” newsletter called

“The Six Dimensions of MLM Leadership”

The article became a 35 page ebook.

I must warn you, this info is not for everyone.
It is deep and for experienced network

If this is you, you can download a FREE
copy here:

Enjoy and read slow! :}


PS You can access the entire Holiday Issue of
our newsletter here:

Do you want free “targeted” leads for life?

You have got to check out the VIDEO on this website
it absolutely blew me away. Your mind will immediately
see an unbelievable amount of possibilities. Marketing

Peter Wolfing spent months designing a new leads software
called Scraper Pro. It’s a great “tool” in your marketing arsenal
that will help you big time in your primary business.

It finds targeted leads with one push of a button.

My friend Justin used it the other day and typed in MLM
Pro and went to sleep. Then when he woke up in the
morning he had over 9OO leads.

Just type in a keyword or company name and press start.
That is as easy as it gets. The software then starts hunting
the net for targeted leads for you to contact about your… Continue reading »

If companies allow distributors to sale products
on Ebay, it eventually becomes a price war
and everyone loses.

You can still use Ebay and other sites to
generate great leads for your opportunity
& products without breaking the rules of
your company.

Ebay is a great way to prospect for customers
and business associates and we go into depth
on this concept in our Funded Proposals course
available at

Basically, sell a report or book that someone who
may have an interest in your product would buy.
You can find a ton of books that would fit this
criteria on the shelfs of discount books stores.
Then when you sale the book on Amazon or Ebay
include info on your product when you ship it.

Also buy books or Cd programs that entrepreneurs
would purchase on investing, work at… Continue reading »

A couple of months ago I shared some thoughts regarding
the Trump Network on this website:

Click Here

(will open a new window)

Since that time, I have received emails almost daily
from people (most of whom have never been involved
in network marketing) telling me I don’t know what
I am talking about and then yelling “FACTS” such

* The company pays out 58%

* The company has been around for 12 years before
Mr. Trump bought them

*It only cost $48 to join so how can I lose

*Ideal Health has the top vitamins in the world
and the list of INSIGNIFICANT STATEMENTS go on
and on … and on…. and on.

Here is the truth.

The ignorant masses are being taken advantage of.

They some how feel that “Donald Trump” is going to make
them successful.… Continue reading »

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