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Dear Dale, Imagine being able to: * Master the 3 simple secrets – To start from scratch and build a legitimate online business that generates thousands of dollars in income for you…(Without any inside knowledge or special skills) ————————— ABOVE WAS THE HEADLINE AND START OF AN EMAIL I RECEIVED TODAY.

I know, I know, your email box is full of this stuff every day.

The scarey part is these hyped up get rich and do nothing messages work. Our culture is full of people with lottery mentalities. Ladies and gentleman the only place Success comes before work is in the dictionary! I have decided to take 10 minutes extra time every day and simply unsubscribe to folks that send out these type of message.

If they are spam, I will report it, if they are someone I once thought… Continue reading »

What a busy week for us.

Today we are having an open house from 2-6
for my step-daughters graduation.

I want to share with you what happened
yesterday at the graduation ceremony. But
first let me share an awesome quote.

“Entrepreneurs must learn to combine Ambition
with Thankfulness”


The above quote needs to be taken to heart
by many abmitious people. Learning to stop,
smell the roses and say thank you makes
your life much more complete. I am shocked
at the people who simply have never and can
not say a simple “Thank You”.

Anyway this past week has been very emotional
for my wife Dawn because her first born is graduating
high school and preparing for college.

Every day this past week she has teared up
during our morning coffee. Thankfully most have
been happy… Continue reading »

Below is a Facebook Post I copy today
from one of my friends. She is ALMOST
there. Our words always reveal our

Here is what she said:

Interviewing potential business partners today.
I have interviewed 4 people today already who
are coming on board.

Are you ready for a change? Do you like Flexibility?
Are you motivated to make difference in peoples lives
including your own.I would love to interview you. I only
have 6 spots left. Would love to see if you qualify.
Inbox me. to set up your interview. Don’t Delay putting
money in your pocket today.

My comments.

I love the concept of interviewing potential
team members, and the how she states she only has
6 spots left. That mindset is awesome
and the mindset all network marketers should have.

However the statement “I have interviewed… Continue reading »

Is the subject of this weeks MLM Minute at:

I have received a couple of phone calls
and emails like the one below, asking if
I am behind the 360 launch:

Hey Dale,

The rumor mill is buzzing that you may be behind
the launch of 360.

Could the Master be coming out of retirement?

See ya soon,

xxxxxx xxxx
Orlando, FL


No, I have nothing to do with the launch of

As far as I know my former staff member
and downline member Mike Potiillo is the
main man at 360.

I know nothing about the comp plan or
product line. As I have told several people
I believe that Mike will always have the
distributors best interest in mind.

“Without continuous personal development you are now all that
you will ever become, and hell starts when the person you are,
meets the person you could have become.” (Eli Cohen)

From time to time, I surf a few MLM Forums
to see what the “Chatter” is.

Every time I do, I reminded how predictable
this industry is.

You can read someone’s post and get a
snap shot of where they are and what they

Eventually, every network marketer must
have the “Leadership Development Mind
Shift” and start to understand that it is
not about them, it is about what can be
duplicated by their team.

Anyway BELOW Was a Recent Post and
my reply:

Here are 2 major reasons that keep people from rising
to the top in their company.

1)They are not effective communicators. Think about
all the people who seem to constantly sponsor people
in your business effortlessly. They learned the
communication skills to build large networks of people
which allows them to have the ability to… Continue reading »

You guessed it, this is another Banner behind an airplane
that flew over the beach yesterday. Obviously it should
have said $25.00 Sunglasses now $9.00 at Bargain World.
The panels that made up the banner were out of order.

This is the same thing that happens to most network marketer
distributors. They learn the skill sets, but not in a logical order
which means they don’t teach them in a logical order so you
and everyone on your team end up being at a different point of

When you start to develop people in a logical, sequential order
they learn and receive much better results. More importantly
they are able to duplicate logical, sequential systems.

I talk much more about this in our Free 35 page MLM Training
document 6 Dimensions of MLM Training available at

Do you… Continue reading »

That was the advertising banner behind the
Airplane going up and down the beach today.

What is your loss leader?

What product do you give away or sale at
cost to get people started on your product
or in the evaluation process of your business?

To see what we do, just look to the right. ->
we give away our Confessions of a Network
Marketing Millionaire course to visitors of this
website daily.

I just read an email from some “self proclaimed”
guru who says product samples don’t work. If
someone try’s to tell you product samples
don’t work, they don’t know what they are
talking about.

When you center advertising programs around
giving away samples of products you will create
customers if you have an effective product.
Customers ultimately lead to new distributors if
you take them through the proper retail cycle.
Loss Leaders and samples work. There is no… Continue reading »

I was laying at the pool this afternoon, and a real estate
agent came through with a couple. I assumed he was
showing a condo here in the complex where we are

He said “Oh so you know Joe & Mary Simpson, I sold them
their condo at Royal Ocean Club”

Terminology really dose make a difference.

Knowing that people love to buy, but hate to be sold.

Why not say ………..

“Oh so you know Joe & Mary Simpson, I helped them buy
their condo at Royal Ocean Club”

You may be thinking Dale, would that really make that
big of a difference?

Hear me.

This one phrase, all by itself, NO. But how many
“Bad terminology phrases” are used over and over
every day by marketers and sales people that never
really think about how their words make their prospects

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