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You guessed it, this is another Banner behind an airplane
that flew over the beach yesterday. Obviously it should
have said $25.00 Sunglasses now $9.00 at Bargain World.
The panels that made up the banner were out of order.

This is the same thing that happens to most network marketer
distributors. They learn the skill sets, but not in a logical order
which means they don’t teach them in a logical order so you
and everyone on your team end up being at a different point of

When you start to develop people in a logical, sequential order
they learn and receive much better results. More importantly
they are able to duplicate logical, sequential systems.

I talk much more about this in our Free 35 page MLM Training
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Do you… Continue reading »

That was the advertising banner behind the
Airplane going up and down the beach today.

What is your loss leader?

What product do you give away or sale at
cost to get people started on your product
or in the evaluation process of your business?

To see what we do, just look to the right. ->
we give away our Confessions of a Network
Marketing Millionaire course to visitors of this
website daily.

I just read an email from some “self proclaimed”
guru who says product samples don’t work. If
someone try’s to tell you product samples
don’t work, they don’t know what they are
talking about.

When you center advertising programs around
giving away samples of products you will create
customers if you have an effective product.
Customers ultimately lead to new distributors if
you take them through the proper retail cycle.
Loss Leaders and samples work. There is no… Continue reading »

I was laying at the pool this afternoon, and a real estate
agent came through with a couple. I assumed he was
showing a condo here in the complex where we are

He said “Oh so you know Joe & Mary Simpson, I sold them
their condo at Royal Ocean Club”

Terminology really dose make a difference.

Knowing that people love to buy, but hate to be sold.

Why not say ………..

“Oh so you know Joe & Mary Simpson, I helped them buy
their condo at Royal Ocean Club”

You may be thinking Dale, would that really make that
big of a difference?

Hear me.

This one phrase, all by itself, NO. But how many
“Bad terminology phrases” are used over and over
every day by marketers and sales people that never
really think about how their words make their prospects

I am at the beach this week with my family.

Yesterday I was walking down the beach and
over heard a dad ask his four year old ….
“Son do you want some sun screen?”

Now what 4 year old is going to say yes, please
rub sun screeen all over me dad? You don’t
ASK a 4 year old if they want sunscreen! It is
a parents RESPONSIBILITY to make sure they
are doing the right thing and have sun screen

I thought to myself, this is exactly how many
network marketers treat their team.

It is your responsibility to lead, guide and direct
your team correctly, just like the dad should
have been doing with his 4 year old.

You can not give new people choices. You have
to DIRECT them.

There are 4 basic leadership styles.… Continue reading »

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