Monthly Archives: July 2011

By: Marlon Sanders

Just one you gotta know.

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Almost unbelievable.

I mean, you have Facebook connect, a dizzying array of
Wordpress options, cpa, autoresponders, squeeze pages,
ipad apps, Facebook advertising, the list could go on
and on.

Frankly, one person can’t keep up with it all – even if
you work 15 hour days.

You just can’t.

So let’s do the reverse.

What MUST you know? What are the few ESSENTIAL

Well, you could say product creation. But you can be
an affiliate marketer.

You could say copywriting. But people do videos more
than sales letters nowadays.

You could say the ability to take action. But busyness
doesn’t equate to money in the bank. After all, you can
do LOTS of stuff that doesn’t work.

You could say traffic generation. But what if the… Continue reading »



Around January of this past year I did a post on this blog titled -Marketing Trends to Pay Attention To-, as well as a YouTube video with the same title. Mobile Marketing was one of those trends. The mindsets and skills sets that it takes to develop a network marketing organization today, are the same they were 30 years ago when I started, and will be the same 30 years from now.


Success principals never change. Marketing methods have evolved over the years as technology has evolved. Over my career I have watched methods like fax on demand,recorded sizzle lines, DVD recruiting, evolve with the development of technology.

There is no question the greatest evolution over the past 15 years has been with the Internet. Great online lead generation websites like Craigs List, Back… Continue reading »

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