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If you follow this website, receive our newsletter, attend our webinars or have heard any of our recorded training's over the years, you have heard me say …  "Your time is the most valuable asset you have".  Jim Rohn said "Time Management is the best kept secret of the rich"

Last night I was on a well know marketing forward and just had to leave a message (See below).   I spend as little time as possible on forums, Facebook, etc.   Normally when I am on social media websites, or forums, I am looking for a specific person, or specific information, and I just want to accomplish whatever task I am there for and move on.

The internet has become over run with people that feel that it is necessary to share their opinions on topics they know nothing… Continue reading »

I've been getting a lot of questions this week
about why I am involved in so many business
models instead of just focusing on my network
marketing seminar business, and complaints
because my blog post have slowed down so 
much over the summer.

Truth is… I just don't like a lot of the fluff and false
promises that goes on in our industry. 


I try to only work, speak and consult with companies
and leaders that sincerely have the best interest of
the masses.
  Honestly,  there are not as many of
those around as there once were and yes
I have been fooled by a couple of company owners
over the years.

If we're all honest and look at ourselves in the mirror,
we know that most of the people who come into our
little circle don't have… Continue reading »

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I hope you have had a good summer.  Dawn
and I have been very busy with family activities,
following the Atlanta Braves & I have had the
opportunity to speak at several events.

In our spare time J we have also been working on
a new business model to prove to ourselves that it
has six figure potential for anyone who is willing to work.

THIS is an Internet-based business with a
huge upside potential…

In fact, I've rarely seen real results this big before (check it out!):

I love to master six figure business models. It's very rare
that an online business model comes along that is as
profitable as this and more importantly anyone with average
intelligence can profit from immediately.

I could go on and on, but the… Continue reading »

Labor Day has come and gone, and the summer is officially, over.  For many home business entrepreneurs it is time to get back in the rhythm of your business.  When I was building teams I tried to not get out of the rhythm during the summer, but many years that was easier said than done.

The best ways I found to get back in the Rhythm are:

1) Set weekly goals

2) Work daily from a To Do List

3) Work on getting Your Funnel full of new prospects.


Traditionally the next 3 months are the best in our industry. September – November.  So clear your cobwebs, get refocused and have a great last quarter of the year.

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