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This video is actually part of a new network marketing training
app that we are working on with the Network Marketing Magazine.

This is the only video we will be sharing with the general public,
but I wanted to share it with the readers of Those
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What if it is True?

What if “You are where you are in your life because of what has gone into your mind and THE ONLY WAY to change where you are is change what goes into your mind”  Zig Ziglar

“What the mind of human beings can conceive and believe it can achieve”Click To Tweet

So STOP, re-read that quote and ask yourself,… Continue reading »

Over the years I have had multiple conversations with very intelligent people on this topic, and not once have we been able to come to an acceptable decision on how, or why this happened.

It seems that all of the sudden one company decides we should enroll all customers as wholesale buyers, since we aren’t teaching people how to build a retail customer base anyway, and before you know it, the Idea of making true retail profits vanished from the industry.

Just another case of the blind leading the blind with total disregard to negative impact it has had on the industry as a whole.  The market understand buy wholesale, sale retail!  What are we thinking? Oh yeah, how can we do this quicker, faster, and easier?  For some reason a 3-5 game plan to financial independence… Continue reading »

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