Network Marketing is a fascinating study in human nature and psychology. Many people get involved in the network marketing profession to move their life forward financially, but stay for the social benefits the business model offers. Deciding you will not be denied of the lifestyle and upside income potential the industry offers is something I feel everyone should decide as soon as possible in their network marketing career. Decide “I WILL NOT BE DENIED” 

Every week I talk with potential clients who have followed their upline from deal to deal and finally said NO MORE. When they stopped “following the leader” they were put in a situation where they needed to become the leader, and things started to move forward for them. As Brian Tracy says, “Real Leaders Don’t Develop Followers, they Develop Other Leaders”. The Network Marketing profession is full of people who have leadership titles but really have more “position power” than they do “personal power”. 

Personal power leaders understand that they are in the “Leadership Development Business”. They understand their job is not just to “get them in” but keep them in and help them progress through the compensation plan.

The next time your “leader” contacts you about the newest, greatest product and opportunity that is going to make you a millionaire if you reserve your spot now and get in on the ground floor, ask yourself these 5 questions:

1) In the past have they provided me with directional leadership and proven systems to build my business? 

2) Have I grown as a person under their leadership? This might be the most important question. As the Great Jim Rohn said, “Never ask youself how much you are earning, only what are you becoming.”

3) Get out your calculator! Unfortunately in today’s network marketing environment of back room deals for those with leadership titles and bridge money deals, some make moves based upon the financial deal they get and not based upon what is the best move for their team. So get out your calculator and run the numbers.

4) Do you believe in your current products or service? Do you believe in your corporate leaders? If you can say yes to these two questions, then the odds are you should stay where you are. It is not always about the comp plan. Having corporate leaders you have faith in and products or services you believe in should never be taken for granted.

5) Why is the leader leaving? I could talk for hours about this and have on various podcasts and in articles. Here is basically what happens. A “leader” jumps ship and contacts their people who contacts their people, who contact their handful of people, who have nobody to talk to and it all STOPS. The focus of the last 15+ years has been on recruiting each other instead of teaching people how to get outside the network marketing profession, and build their teams. 

I want to share with you two resources that I hope will help you if, and when you are faced with the gut wrenching decision of following “leadership” to another company. The first is a recorded training called THE REAL SECRET TO NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS. The second is a free PDF called Pinnacle MLM Leadership.

You can access these free resources here:

The Lost Secret to Network Marketing Success

Pinnacle MLM Leadership

Ultimately, your success in network marketing depends upon your business philosophy and reasons.

Why are you involved in network marketing? 

Did you join to move your life forward financially?

Have your stayed because of the social benefits?

I obviously don’t know your answers to these questions, but you need to know. Like life, many people start off with big dreams and then settle for far less than they could become. Don’t become one of these statistics. If it is time to RE-START YOUR NETWORK MARKETING CAREER, this training can help.

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