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Reverse Engineering the Network Marketing Lead Generation and Team Building Funnel Process

My loyalty and dedication is to people.  Honestly it is to the people like me when I started.  Those that are willing to learn, work, grow , take responsibility and have decided to not be denied.

Helen Keller said

Hell starts when the person you are, meets the person you could have become”  I don’t want anyone to look back on their life with Wistful Regret and I understand most do.

I am not loyal to network marketing, a company, any particular business model or agenda.  I am just very thankful for my path, I appreciate entrepreneurship, and those that are willing to step out of the box.

For those of you that are on our training webinars every week I appreciate your support and letting others know about Thursday night No Fluff Webinars, at this point in the history of Network Marketing Support Services Inc. that means everything to me.

The Topic this week is:

Reverse Engineering the Network Marketing Lead Generation and Team Building Funnel Process
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Why you are here just let me say this.

I wish that I didn’t KNOW that average people with above average desire really can change have anything in life they want with the network marketing business model.

I wish that I didn’t KNOW that fear of failure and fear of rejection stop 70% of people from moving forward in life

I wish that I didn’t KNOW that “Time Management is the Best Kept Secret  of the Rich”

I wish I didn’t KNOW that for most people their own internal self-talk is their worst enemy.

I wish I didn’t KNOW that leadership is the highest paid profession in the world and everybody reading this post can increase their leadership abilities 10 times.

I wish I didn’t know that most people would rather BLAME than take responsibility

And I could go on and on, but you get the idea. After 35+ years in this industry and spending my entire life as an entrepreneur, it is what it is, and I know what I know.

I know that if you have the ability to read this post, then the odds are …….with a consistent part-time effort over the next 3-5 years DOING THE RIGHT THINGS, you can probably double your current full-time income working part time.  From that point, if you build it systematically, anything is possible!

I understand that many of you have already accomplished much more than that, but for those of you that haven’t how would that change your life?  Really, how would it?  Is that a goal worth devoting time and energy towards?  I Know it is Realistic for our Training Club members.

Consistent effort over the next 3-5 years part time to double your current full time income??

I am not talking about Fu Fu dust that will make you millions, or a new product that turns 57 years olds into 17 year olds, or how to get rich in mlm without sponsoring anybody or by placing ads on SnapGram,  etc.  🙂

I am talking about WORKING HARD, DOING THE RIGHT THINGS OVER AND OVER and building a real business with real customers, and a real team you can be proud of.

There is no business model on the planet that gives average people with above average desire the opportunity to create life altering income and freedom.  I am living proof of that as well as many of the people we currently work with and those stories I have shared on and other platforms.

If any of what I have said makes any sense at all, you need to be on this weeks webinar, I have nothing to pitch, but I hope that at the end of the webinar you will start to see what I KNOW is possible for you, IF and it is a big IF you will spend your time and energy doing what I KNOW WILL ULTIMATELY give you whatever you can CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE.


Dedicated to Your Success,


Dale Calvert



















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