This is one of the BEST ARTICLES I have ever read. Every network marketer should read and internalize.  If network marketing companies would develop a long term game plan for developing home grown leaders the network marketing professions would be where we all hoped it would be when this article was written.

“I Thought I Knew What Made Me Successful, but I Was Wrong!”
By Mark Yarnell 


Until recently, I’ve never really been able to share what I’ve accomplished, because although I had the competency skills to build a Network, I didn’t really know what I knew.

I went all over the country talking to various groups and sharing with them the tools I thought had made me successful. I now know that none of those systems really resulted in my success. I didn’t understand that… Continue reading »

I understand that talking politics and religion is considered a No-No in business. I have been accused of a lot of things over the years, being politically correct has never been one of them. So this week I have released a couple of pieces of content that may be perceived by some as No-No’s or politically incorrect. I just hope you will find them valuable.


The first is an important message to Christian Network Marketers, you can access here:







You can Access it Here:



So the second is this article.










Yes, a few years ago Trump bought a network marketing company and was the owner. It played out exactly as many of us knew it would;. Article Here.


Today after the presidential election… Continue reading »



Frustrated Blogger3



Let me be as clear as possible.  If any network marketing leader, guru, rock star, upline, downline, or anyone else is trying to convince you, you should start a blog ……….. THEY ARE MORE INTERESTED IN SELLING YOU SOMETHING than providing you proper direction to build your team! 

If this is unsettling to you, I hope you will read every word of this article with a 1/2 way open mind. For most network marketing distributors to achieve their real potential with this business model, they must Wake UP!  The market is full of wolf’s in sheep’s clothing telling you exactly what you want to hear, so they can sell you what they want to sell you.

I guess it was Empower Network that convinced the masses a few years back… Continue reading »

real-businessBefore we get into the actual article let me explain something. Attraction Marketing is a great business model for those having a product or service to sell.  My wife and I have a staff of ten people and operate four businesses from our office in Georgetown, Kentucky.

All of our advertising and promotion for our e-commerce store is done online using multiple attraction marketing systems.

However network marketing is about developing a TEAM of leaders. Your long-term income is in direct proportion (not to the number of customers you acquire or people you enroll on your team) but to the number of leaders you DEVELOP  on your team.  Distributors come and go, DEVELOPED leaders stay, and leadership creates product movement!

If that statement doesn’t make since to you, don’t bother reading this article, it will only… Continue reading »

First I would just like to say, we all need to remember his family in our thoughts and prayers.  He was only 65 years old and for many of us, we realize how young that really is.  That is same age of Colonel Sanders when he STARTED Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I am sad because I never had the opportunity to shake Mark’s hand.  Several years ago we both spoke at an event in Dallas, but I flew in on Friday, spoke and flew out and he was on the schedule for Saturday.

When I think about it, these are probably the 3 reasons I appreciate Mark the most.

  • He was an encourager. In his book Your First Year in Network Marketing
    Mark encouraged distributors to hang in there and be a learner.  He did a good… Continue reading »

There is nothing worse than a person who has been played, not
knowing they were played, except when they pass flawed ideas
on to

The question I hope you are asking yourself right now, is
who is writing this, and why should I care what they say?

Let me be very clear.  I AM WRITING THIS FOR YOU, NOT FOR ME.

I don’t have a dog in the hunt.  I do not have a company or affiliate
product to sell you, and I don’t need to make my living selling you
training programs that will tell you what you want to hear.

This is why reading this entire article is
worth your time
.  Before retiring from building
network marketing teams at age 39, I developed
more 5-6 & 7 figure income earners… Continue reading »



If you’re like most of my readers, you’re a focused, determined person who truly cares about not only your own success, but also the success of your team members. You are committed to maximizing the growth of your team. You are just as determined to maximize the success of other key areas in your life. You want it all; a great business, wonderful relationships with your friends and family members, emotional maturity, spiritual growth, and thriving health. You strive to grow, get better, and reach your potential. You want to leave a lasting impact on your world.






But something keeps getting in the way: There is always a small nagging doubt in your mind. From time-to-time you find your self wondering, will the lifestyle and freedom I desire ever happen for me?  … Continue reading »

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