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March/April 2009

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How to Email 1,000 Opportunity Seekers Every Week Spam Free
Dale Calvert


As you can see, we decided to combine our March/April newsletter.

I will confess that I got totally caught up in March madness, the Kentucky Boys High School Sweet 16 Tournament and of course the hiring of a new UK basketball coach. March is always a crazy month for me as a basketball fan.

I have pretty much got myself back in a rhythm in April, because May is going to be crazy busy also. My 2nd grandchild will be delivered by C-Section on April 27th, please remember him (it’s a boy) in your prayers because there are complications according to the specialist. Also please remember my daughter Brittanie, & her husband Andrew and my granddaughter Chapel during this very trying, stressful time.

They have already decided on a name for him “Trust”, and I will keep you updated through our blog on and Twitter.

After the delivery I have a vacation scheduled at the beach. I also have a couple of speaking events in May including being the keynote in Budapest, Hungary for the MLM Mastermind Day there. If you live in Europe, or you need a great vacation you can check it out here:


I really look forward to this event; even though it is hard to imagine 17 hours in an airplane 1 way. I also plan on launching the www.NonGeekMLMProgram in May and have a couple more major projects we are very excited about and currently working on.

I am considering doing a monthly “General Training” webinar. I would love to do this weekly, but my schedule just doesn’t permit it. I see a lot of needs in the industry right now, and I try to address these many needs in my MLM Minute trainings, but sometimes I am not able to expand on them as much as I feel is needed.

I am thinking the MLM Minute will be just that, a quick 60 second or less thought, and on the webinar we can take on topics and subjects that need a little more explanation. I am totally undecided on this, so let me know what you think? I will listen and you can send me your opinion at

In closing I just want to encourage you to promote like crazy. Intelligent marketers are pouring it on right now. They understand that 3 months can equal 3 years in results as the economy stabilizes. Doors are open, hearts and minds are ready to look at different ways of creating income.

There are probably more people right now looking for jobs and second incomes right now than anytime in history. Newspaper Advertising and online classified ads are getting more response than ever. In all reality everything you do to promote your income opportunity will give you higher returns.

In the past we have talked about promoting your opportunity 70% of the time (because distributors multiply) and your product or service 30% of the time (because customers only add). Those numbers have changed and we are telling our clients to go 95% - 5%. Now is the time to promote your opportunity as hard as you possibly can!

 Dedicated to Your Success,


"You will never win if you are afraid to lose."

Lebron James
60 Minutes Interview 03/09



Hello Dale,

I was reading some of your newsletters posted on your various Web sites (,, and I noticed they are pockmarked with glaring spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. These simple mistakes can hurt the perceived image of your business. Essentially, the quality of your newsletter is a reflection of the professionalism of your company. You wouldn't wear flip flops with your three-piece suit. Why write your newsletter with embarrassing mistakes?

I can help you with my business, The PROOFESSIONAL: proofreading, editing and writing services. Websites, newsletters, resumes, press releases, presentations, that novel you're writing on the side -- If it can be written, I can proof it!

My rates are affordable, and my turnaround is expeditious.

Just call for rates and details.

Thank you,



What’s up Vincent!

Thanks for the email, I will probably use this as an example in future trainings.

SIDEBAR Originally I was going to use this guy as my “Dingbat of the Month” example however, I understand

for him and others this is a serious situation. I had
a very good friend who was an English freak. Misspelling
drove him crazy, I have since learned there are many
others like this, thank goodness they are the minority
or no one would ever read this newsletter! J

So I wouldn’t classify this guy as a dingbat, just

someone who was trying to drum up more business from me who definitely needs his service but would never use it.

He is really in a bad situation because the people like me that need his service would never use it, and the one’s that think it is important, probably don’t need it. Ok, back to my response.

Here is the deal. If I suddenly started spelling everything correctly with correct punctuation, my market would freak out. As I recently shared with them Einstein couldn’t spell either.

I am a marketer and a speaker, not a writer and have never claimed to be.

I have dyslexia, I was a C student and quite frankly those that get offended by typos and misspelled words will probably never connected with me on any level.

I do the best I can but most of the time my mind moves faster than I can type. Quite frankly, I am not worried too much about professionalism; I think it is over rated. My market wants good information and content from someone who has their best interest at heart.

Those that are worried about typos or misspelled words unsubscribe from my publications and really that is fine with me. There are hundreds of places they can go to find good writers, who have never marketed a product in their life, write about marketing. If they are looking for methods and systems that work from someone who has done it, they connect with me.

You have a very tough business model.

The BEST marketers I know would rather be judged by the content they provide and not how grammatically correct they are. The people that care about grammar and professionalism are for the most part writers who really don’t need your service because this is something they can do on their own.

Like I said earlier, I do the best I can and yes I wish I was a better writer. I normally have my newsletters and printed publication proofread but if I tried to have someone proof every blog post, email, etc, that I do on a daily basis I wouldn’t get anything accomplished!

I wish I could be good at both (writing & marketing) but when push comes to shove I am thankful that the proven systems we share with people can make a difference for them and their success.

I will get a quote from you on a new book I am working on, when it is finished.

Much Success,


P.S. I am who I am and not embarrassed by typos and yes, if the circumstances were right I would wear flip flops with a 3 piece suit.

You see Vincent, I think one of the foundational mind sets required for success, is to not care what anyone else thinks. I have figured out over the years, that it is crazy to worry about what somebody is thinking about me, because most of the time, they are too worried thinking about what I am thinking about them! Read that slow, it is a brain tweak.

One of the problems in this country is people are worried far too much about what somebody else thinks. Part of my message is be yourself; focus on giving value to other people, and in the long run, people will connect with your message, if you are real!




Can you let me know the name (web address) for that program you use to eliminate your spam?

I know a while back we had to respond to an email spam filtering site in order to gain access to sending you email. Have you found this effective at getting rid of most of your spam?

Let me know would you. I am now up to literally hundreds of emails a day that are all junk and it is getting so bad that it takes forever even for my spam filters to sort through them.




Hi Joe,

I have been using the program offered by for a couple of years.

It helps a lot, from time to time emails that I actually want don’t get through but for the most part I would recommend this service and I haven’t found anyone better.

Between our office staff and myself we receive 700-1100 emails daily.



Hi Dale,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your Start Right
& 21 Ways programs. I have been messing around with social networking and trying to follow my upline for 14 months with basically nothing to show for it but 4 inactive front line members.

My first 81 days following your two programs, I have
sponsored 9 people and added a total of 31 to my group.

I wish everyone could understand the sequential recruiting concept that you talk about.

My question is how do I keep my downline on track and prevent them from buying into the same Web 2.0 attraction marketing methods my upline is trying to sell them on.

They get emails every week inviting them to webinars
that tell them how easy everything is if they invest in their online recruiting system.


Response to Rita


This is a very good question and very hard question to

All “Attraction Marketers” think they are right,
most of them failed miserably in the beginning of their
career, because they were not given the proper direction
and support.

If I were you I would have a heart to heart talk with the upline(s) sending the emails and explain your situation:

14 months 4 Inactive front line members

81 days, 9 front line and 31 members.

Tell them that in the future you and your team will embrace what they are teaching, but until you give them the go ahead, to not email anyone on your team.

Hopefully they will put their ego aside and honor your wishes, If they look at the numbers, and they have any business sense at all they will.

Let me know how it goes.




I have talked about this concept since 1998, and I am not going to get back on my soap box today. I am past being “blue in the face”.

There is nothing more aggravating than to KNOW you are right and continue to watch good people make the same mistakes over and over and buy the “Attraction Marketing” hype hook line and sinker.

So this month, I wanted to share a video with you from Dan
Kennedy. Dan is arguably the most influential marketer of
our time. The list of Top marketers that he has inspired and taught is like the who’s who in the marketing world.


If you haven’t seen these videos, at least listen to them
while you are checking your email sometime, it will explain to you why many “Attraction Marketers” are sincere,
but sincerely wrong.

Why I hate MLM Training on You Tube Part 1

Why I hate MLM Training on Your Tube Part 2


So you have finally stepped into the world of making money online. You too, like the others, have decided to start with the affiliate programs. Also, you must have heard that it’s not a big deal to make good money with affiliate marketing, provided you choose the right programs and do some strategic planning while promoting your affiliate products. So far so good.

Whether you are promoting other people’s products or promoting your own products - that doesn’t matter because after all it is nothing but your own business and your means to earn good money. So whichever be your case, I am sure you would not want to leave money on the table and invite others to steal your share of profit.

Even though the industry of affiliate marketing is pretty competitive but if you are cautious and are strategic in your marketing techniques then, it could be very profitable for you.

Take a close look at the industry, you will see that not every one who gets into affiliate marketing is successful. People who are doing well leave no room for failure and take all security measures and understand its importance.

Yes! Security is one of the key factors in affiliate marketing. If you do not adopt proper security measures, then your business will be at high risk. One of the most important way to restore security is to protect your affiliate links. Do not take them for granted. A bit of carelessness on your part in regards to affiliate links may cost you a lot of dollars.

Do you know the long complicated links that you send to your prospective customers not only look convoluted but they can create a lot of problems too! If you send such an affiliate link to your customers, then the smart ones will definitely figure out that you are promoting someone else’s product and they would rather visit the parent company. Also, if your link does not function then your customers have to type a really long URL into the browser, which will definitely put him or her off.

You could be a victim of even a worse situation. What if some devious Internet pirates steal your affiliate links and replace them with theirs. If they do that, then you get no commission at all.

Did I scare you off with all of the above possibilities? Well, that certainly wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to open your eyes and state facts that actually happen in the world of Internet. It happened with me until I came across ViralURL , that brought a revolution to my online ventures.

So, if you are not getting the desired results out of your affiliate marketing, don’t lose hope. There’s definitely a remedy to this problem and that is

Do I hear you asking, what is it and how can it help in averting any adverse situation for an affiliate marketer like me?

Be patient and read on, if you love your business.

ViralURL is a link cloaker that protects you in the truest sense. There may be many unethical people lurking around, who might play with your affiliate links by cutting them off or replacing them with their own etc. How much effort you put in towards building your business and advertising your business, if your links are tampered with, then all your hard work will be rendered useless.

In order to avoid such a rip off, ViralURL gives you full protection and sees to it that your affiliate links never get exposed to others.

So save yourself from getting ripped off. Get all the commissions to your account that you rightfully deserve. All this is made possible by

It is a blessing for every affiliate marketer like you and me, who wants to achieve success in their endeavor.

Is ViralURL limited to only link protection?


It does much much more than that. Let’s see what ViralURL can do for us:

*ViralURL helps us in protecting commission.
*ViralURL helps in building mailing lists.
*ViralURL helps in tracking statistics.
*ViralURL helps in earning extra ad credits.

In short, ViralURL allows us to create massive business leverage.

I don’t see any negative aspect associated with ViralURL. All you have to do is join it for free, then cloak your links, promote them and see your business soaring higher and higher.

You can get all detailed information about the program from the site

There, you can find several unsolicited testimonials from various users of ViralURL. So if you want to protect your business and see your earnings grow, try
ViralURL. You have nothing to lose with it.

How to Email 1,000 Opportunity Seekers Every Week Spam Free
Dale Calvert

A few years ago I joined about dozen safe list programs. If you don’t know what a safe list is
it doesn’t matter because the majority are a major
waste of time.

The one that I did receive good results with was
List Joe. Every time I used this free
service, I got response. A couple of laptops later,
a crashed computer and I had all but forgotten about
this service.

My memory got jogged a few weeks ago when I bought
an ebook and in it the author mentioned the great
success she was having with
List Joe, and called it
”the most responsive safe list on the internet”

So I ended up joining again, not as a free member,
but as an upgraded member. As an upgraded member I
am allowed to send a promotional email to 3,000
subscribers every 3 days. I was able to recoup my
$197 investment with just 3-4 mailings.

I am thrilled with this service, it is a real goldmine.

You can join free and as a free member send email to
1,000 members a week. I can think of no reason why
you shouldn’t do this. However, by joining you agree
to receive emails from other members. So if you need
to set up a folder just for your
List Joe emails, or
use a secondary email address.

Now, I know what you are thinking. If everyone is using
secondary email address, how will my promotional
messages ever get read? Members can receive additional
emailing credits for clicking on other members promo
emails. That is what makes this different, I think this
is why my response and conversions have done so well.

So, if I were you I would join now as an upgraded
members so you can email 3,000 every 3 days, but at
the very least as a free member.

This service has paid off well for me, and many other
marketers as you will see when you click the banner
below and visit their website...

Click here to build multiple mailing lists for free.
Click here to build multiple mailing lists for free.

Ok, this is it for this month, please remember my
family in your thoughts and prayers.

I will be giving you updates via Twitter or

I look forward to meeting many of our subscribers from
Europe in Budapest for the MLM Mastermind Day. Have a
Great month and remember to continue to become
”self educated” and promote!