If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I am SOLD OUT on the Concept of personal development.

I love motivational speakers and believe the ability to learn from others who have done what we want to do is an important principle of Success.  Even more important in network marketing is they have actually taught others. (duplicated).  Those who have achieved a full time income with the network marketing business model have accomplished something that 99% of the people who join a company will never do.  However in my mind, $100,000 plus income earners are a dime a dozen. I believe you should always look at track record and ask yourself how many full time income earners have the DEVELOPED.  Notice I used the word developed, not found.  

I know from experience and working with many people over the years that each of us has the ability to PROGRAM OUR MINDS FOR SUCCESS. However this week I had a passing thought,that I can’t quite kick, and I would love your thoughts on this.

Check out this picture I pulled from Facebook.
















Don’t get me wrong I love this kind of thought provoking pictures and memes.

Nobody believes in the power of persistence more than I do. If you attend our weekly webinars or are a member of the MLM Training Club you have probably heard me recite these two wisdom of the ages quotes more than once.

The Only Difference Between a Big Shot and a Little Shot is a Big Shot is a Little Shot that kept shooting Zig Ziglar


and …………
Calvin Coolidge Quote














Here is my thought when I saw this on Facebook granted this was after I listen to a new client tell me how she has had to rebuild her team 3 times over the past 5 years.


My Thought:


Maybe we should STOP and figure

I know when you build your team and have multiple Future Leaders coming down the road behind you, if one person decides the grass is greener on the other side and jumps ship it will hardly be noticed.

When you create a TEAM CULTURE, where people are LEARNING, IMPROVING and PROGRESSING Loyalty happens automatically.

Damage Control and Rebuilding should never be part of a leaders vocabulary, AFTER THEY have the Leadership Development Paradigm Shift. (Understand that it is not about them,it is about the Development of PEOPLE)

Granted some leaders go years and never make the shift, however if you keep telling people to persist and keep shooting without providing them the path to run on, that is on you.

Yes, we taught our teams, get in, stay in and plug in. That phrase has been used for many years by many leaders. Here is the rub, what are you asking them to plug into?

Do you have a proven systematic approach to develop the next wave of leaders on your team? When you look at your organization what do you see? Is it the same group of people that have followed you to your last 5 deals?

I am not trying to stomp on your ego, I just believe the quality of our life is in direct proportion to the quality of questions we ask ourselves and then answer TRUTHFULLY.

What do you think?

Leave your comments below, I am curious. Do these type of quotes subconsciously give people the excuse to continue to fail and those with leadership titles not to lead?

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