For Immediate Release
February 2013


Americas Top Network Marketing Trainer introduces
new 18 months to MLM Mastery Program


More than 95% of all direct selling companies employ multi-level marketing (MLM) in their compensation package, and that is translated to an astonishing 97% of all sales acquired exclusively using this phenomenal marketing strategy. Hundreds of large distributor organizations worldwide have already embraced the MLM Training Clubs no-fail business magic. Now individual distributors can implement these proven systems.

Dale Calvert and his MLM Training Club have launched an amazing opportunity for people who aspire to be a marketing empire on their own. A program specifically designed to share the secrets and ultimate techniques of multi-level marketing is made comprehensive yet incredibly extensive, leading to its mastery in just 18 months. This program integrates full online capability through a series of 18-month webinar to reach a wider audience and impart MLM’s greatest secrets without taking away the convenience of home learning.

Dale Calvert veers away from pure theoretical marketing webinars that do nothing but share information without developing the necessary skills in applying the theories. By joining MLM Training Club, members are guaranteed to master the necessary mindsets and skills to make their business successful and thriving in no time. Because theories are useless unless properly applied, this program will definitely up the ante in developing well-rounded multi-level marketing experts.

Deserving individuals who also act in search for the secrets of MLM success will find what they are looking for. Upon joining, Dale Calvert will share the two secret concepts in network marketing as a whole that no one does. That, and all the things you need to know, will be shared in this comprehensive 18-month program.

Joining is easy. Individuals who do not want to miss this great opportunity need only to sign up in MLM Training Club website and complete the required information. For 18 months, they can experience a no-fluff, no-nonsense multi-level marketing mastery programs that no other experts have ever offered before.

Experience a totally new way of practicing multi-level marketing. Let Dale Calvert guide you to success on your own. Don’t deprive yourself of this one great opportunity. Remember that although formal education might be the way to make a living, self-education will still give you the fortune. You can get all the inside information on this program by visiting

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