I was telling someone on the phone today, that I have been involved in network marketing over 30 years, and for the first time in a long time I really heard that statement. 

30 years?? 

My gosh I have been doing this a long time.   I can remember
when I use to say 5 years, 10 years, 15 years etc.


Tonight I logged on Facebook, I was looking for a picture of my
granddaughter losing her first tooth.




Obviously, it doesn’t get much cuter than that, does it?


Anyway,  on my Facebook newsfeed I happen to catch the
post below from Shannon Denniston.



Shannon is a well known figure in the network marketing industry.  It is humbling to know that he started his career with our company years ago.  

As I was thinking about Shannon and his accomplishments my mind quickly went to Mike Potillo, who also started with us years ago and has made his name in this industry.


Many of you have probably seen Mike's "Apprentice
Audition" Video
filmed at my Lexington, Ky


Then I start thinking about others like Tony Shoupe, Greg S
tegner, Lisa Grange, David Bradford, and many other great p
eople that you have probably never heard of.  People who
spent a couple of years on our team, never had great success
in the network marketing industry but went on to have other
successful business careers in other markets.



The nagging question that has been on my mind the last
couple of months, if  these people had joined us in TODAY’S
MARKETING ENVIROMENT, would they have made it?   My
gut says yes, but my knowledge base says, maybe not.


Let me explain.  I think Mike and Shannon would tell you that
from the day they started with us they were exposed to what
I call “The Wisdom of the Ages”.   Books like Think and Grow Rich,
The Magic of Thinking Big,  and  Psycho-Cybernetics,  and
eachers like  Jim Rohn, Zig, John Maxwell and Les Brown.


They made the effort to program their mind with the wisdom
of the ages and for success.

Let’s face it a lot of people are exposed but some people take
the concepts, principals, and ideas internalize them and change
their life with them.

Here is my concern in today’s marketing world,  people are
constantly bombarded with the latest, greatest opportunity
and told they can stay lazy, stay negative, or use attraction
marketing techniques to magically build their business.

The truth is, as human beings we must act in accordance to
our program!  When myself, Mike, Shannon and many of us
started in the network marketing industry we were not
bombarded daily via email with the greatest, latest push
button your way to riches.

We were taught to create success we must develop the
mindsets and skill sets that create success in life and in this
industry.   Today the message is IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, it is
your uplines, your companies, or the greedy guru’s.

If you are not grounded in the “Wisdom of the Ages”  I can
see how many get off track.  I guess it is human nature to try
to find the quickest, fastest, easiest way to financial success.  
We live in a lottery mentality world.

The truth always has been and always will be to create success
ou must develop the skill sets, mindsets and positive expectations
that create success. 

If we build people, people will build the business.  When people
get sold on and believe that they should work harder on themselves
than they do on marketing their business they are then put on a
path to success that is virtually guaranteed.

Programming Your Mind

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