I think it was 1997.

I was invited to speak at my first INTERNET Marketing event ever. Yes, I said INTERNET MARKETING. At the time I had two different
monthly membership websites, before anyone had ever heard the term membership website.

One was paying me about $11,000 a month and the other one about $4,000 and that was the topic they wanted me to speak about.

I was excited, but a little nervous. My bread and butter is network marketing that is what I know. I was a newbie to all of this world
wide web stuff. Now that I think about it, I guess everyone was in 1997. ?

I was excited because I had the opportunity to be on the stage with many people that I had studied like Jonathan Mizel, Declan Dunn, and Marlon Sanders.

Those guys are legends now, but remember this was in the early, early days of Internet marketing before most people knew the difference between the players and the pretenders.

During the break Marlon Sanders said “Dale, I have someone that wants to meet you”. This excited young man walks up and introduces himself, he said my name is Armand Morin and I wanted to meet the guy with the hole in his head.

Some of you know he was referring to my Hole in the Head postcard campaign from the mid nineties. I think at one time or another every
opportunity seeker in the US received one of those postcards in the mail.



I spent the entire break talking to the guy, and found out he had worked as a successful Kirby vacuum sales person for a few years and had come up with an ebook idea that shared with people where they could find free stuff online.


Over the years, Armand gone on to market many popular software programs that he has had developed, and also ran “The BIG Seminar” for several years which always featured some of the top internet marketers from around the world.

He has become one of the most recognized internet marketers in the United States and supports a lot of internet marketing organizations for teenage entrepreneurs. Over the years we have spoke at several events together and I have to say he is one of the most likable people you will ever spend time with.


I guess I am sharing all of this for 3 reasons.

#1 We always see people where they are, and not where they started or the road they traveled. I always like to ask the question, how did they get where they are? Nine times out of ten the answer is the same. They became self educated and focused on developing the right skill sets and mindsets. I remember several years ago, I paid $10,000 to attend a seminar at Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas that infomercial seminar speaker John Childers was conducting. Guess who was in attendance at that event? Yes, Armand, at that time he was a self-made internet marketing millionaire, but I remember him as the kid that started out selling Kirby Vacuum Cleaners.


#2 Successful people never stop learning and moving forward. Armand had a smash hit out the gate with his Free Stuff Ebook, but he continued to become the “software development” guy and the “Big Seminar” guy in the internet marketing world. The awesome part, he never wrote a line of code for his software, it was all outsourced.


#3 I wanted to let you know that in June, Armand is conducting a Free 3-Day event online sharing many of his unique and creative marketing methods.


I just registered for it earlier today, and if you believe in personal education and learning from those who have actually done it, you may want to register also, did I mention it is free? HERE IS THE LINK THAT WILL TELL YOU MORE



Dedicated to Your Success!








You have probably seen this ad running on Facebook this is Armand, the guy I have been talking about.



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