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When we are in network marketing, we are in the “Leadership Development” business. Everything in our business rises and falls on leadership. Your goal is to build an organization of well-trained leaders and then move as much of your product or service through that organization as possible. Distributors will come and go within your organization. Well-trained leaders will stay!

Leadership moves products; average distributors don’t. I believe that leadership starts with mentorship. Virtually every great leader throughout this industry had a tremendous leader whom they admired, respected and followed. I have had the privilege of having four great mentors in my life. Actually five, if you count Pete Rose, who showed me by example to always give 110 percent. Jim Rohn and my dad, Ben Calvert, both taught me about life, friendship, and being true to one-self. At a young age, motivational speaker Zig Ziglar helped me turn my life around and start on my own personal success journey. Shaklee Master Coordinator Jim Burke taught me through audiotapes many of the leadership principles I teach today.

It is hard to say where I would be today if not for the strong influence of these five mentors. Just recently a startling new reality came to me. There are some financially successful people who have achieved their success without ever experiencing a relationship with a true mentor. Unfortunately, these people simply don’t understand what it really feels like to have a Jim Rohn in their life.

I teach people become a great follower so you can be a tremendous leader. Allow yourself to be mentored to so someday you can be the mentor to others. A mentor is not just someone whose tapes you enjoy listening to or whose books you like to read. A mentor is someone you truly connect with on an emotional level. A mentor is someone you form a very personal bond and relationship with, even though many times you have never met face to face.

A mentor is someone with true compassion, who touches our heart, our soul, and our life. Quite simply, a true mentor helps us create “positive change” in our life. I will say that again. A true mentor helps us create “positive change” in our life. When we are touched enough to change, a bond and loyalty is created that cannot and will not be broken.

Those people who refuse to grow, learn, develop, and change cannot be mentored. Many of these people want desperately to be appreciated, respected, and perceived as a mentor; however, they have never allowed themselves to be mentored.

How can you lead when you have never allowed yourself to be led? How can you possibly mentor someone when you have never allowed yourself to be mentored? It is common for people to achieve financial success within our industry without mentor-ship.  Sadly, this occurs when the two greatest benefits of our business diminishes – in the long run, the personal development we, attain and the strong friendships we develop mean more than financial success.

Where would millions of people around the world be today if as a young man, Jim Rohn had not allowed himself to be mentored?  What if Jim Rohn had not made the decision to become a good student and a great follower?  If those decisions had not been made, would any of us today know who Jim Rohn is?  Maybe, but probably not. Do you want people to know who you are? Do you want to become a great mentor?  Then first become a great student so you can become a good teacher. Become a great follower so you can be a tremendous leader. Allow yourself to be mentored to so someday you can be the mentor to others.


Do you want to guarantee you success? Then find a great mentor and follow them! Dale Calvert is an 18-year network marketing veteran. He is the producer of the best-selling training program “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” and “The Power of a Dream.” You can register for his online training and sponsoring tips newsletter at


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