This is Dale Calvert.

If you are on this page, there is a good chance it is June/July of 2017.

Please don’t try to skim this page or YOU WILL MISS IT! Please click and watch the videos as they appear, and then continue reading.

Myself or someone I know has invited you to investigate the Asirvia GO device.   In the future we will have lead capture pages and funnels established for network marketers, realtors, restaurant owners, car dealers, and other small business owners that want to create more leads, so virtually every one.  My prediction is that this new technology will explode through the network marketing profession the later part of 2017 and into 2018, then into more traditional businesses from that point on.

Like a small business would not think about operating in today’s world without the Internet, I believe in the near future, this type of bot advertising will become just as popular. For those of you that follow my network marketing training systems closely you know I believe there are 5 Core Systems required to build a Network Marketing Team.

#1 Launch System
#2 Customer Acquisition System with a Referral System Attached
#3 A 2-Step Recruiting Process that tells the whole story
#4 A Distributor Retention System
#5 Create as Many Leads as You can on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Some of you have heard me explain these systems dozens of times; they don’t change.

You have also heard me say that technology will always provide us new ways to create leads. In my career I have seen the bump that technologies such as Fax on Demand, VHS Video, Cassettes to Audio CDs, and of course the Internet and Social Media has made on the profession.

I am excited to introduce you to A NEW TECHNOLOGY that I believe will have a powerful positive impact on your business and the profession.



If I personally sent you here you can order your units by going to  http://www.Asirvia.com/cmg  and click the join/order button in the top right had corner of the page.  IF SOMEONE ELSE SENT YOU HERE GET THEIR LINK!  You will still be part of our marketing team. For what it is worth, I am only enrolling 3 affiliates and everything we do will be built straight down 3 lines. (Spinning Plates concept some of you who understand)









I have been following this technology for awhile.  Many high end department stores let shoppers know about the specials they are running while they are in store through cell phone bots.  The challenge; huge up front investment in software and technology that made it out of reach to small business owners – until now. THIS IS A SIMPLE EXPLANATION OF HOW THE ASIRVIA GO DEVICE can help small business owners create leads daily and here is the key word AUTOMATICALLY.




My initial thought was not to share this with anyone, but just to use it in our own businesses outside of the home business world that we operate. However, the more I thought about it I felt sincerely obligated to let network marketers and my other entrepreneurial friends know about this technology and what it can do to help them acquire customers.

The obvious answer is does the technology work? I have heard dozens of testimonies, but here is a video that is worth seeing.



Honestly, when I saw there was a comp plan attached to these devices I was not happy about it. I just wanted to use them in our personal businesses. However when I started to understand the real value, I had to join as an affiliate. I will share with you our personal promotion plan later.

For now here is a video that gives a good overview of the product and the compensation plan.



When I saw what I have shared with you it was just a No-Brainer.

I ordered 8 Units and became an affiliate; here is a screen shot of my order from my back office.
















If you have watched the above information, you either see it or you don’t, and we will remain friends regardless. Yes, I am excited about being in on the front end of new technology. Yes, I plan on qualifying for the cruise in the fall, etc.  However, it is not about any of that. I saw this as a way for Dawn and I to expand our businesses outside of Network Marketing Support Services Inc. The more I looked the more I realized the natural market for this technology IS Network Marketers.

I don’t have another second left in my day, but sometimes you have to say NO to a lot of good ideas,so you HAVE TIME for the GREAT ONES. This has the potential to be a Grand Slam Home Run and those don’t happen that often.  There is no question that if you are reading this, you are on the front end of a technology that every network marketer is going to know about soon.

Here is my personal game plan.

On Tue. June 13th I am sharing this with the 20 members of our Network Marketing Leadership Development Academy. (These are our one-on-one coaching clients) and MLM Training Club Members. I am only enrolling 3 front line and because of the “holding tank” feature the company offers, the rest who see the vision, (which I think will be the majority), will be placed in 3 lines straight down in the order in which they join.

I have made a list of the 40 most entrepreneur minded people I know. On Saturday June 17th, they will receive a personal video from me. They are all business owners in and outside of the network marketing business model. (Those that join will again be stacked in the 3 lines I will build to China.)

On Thursday June 22nd I will share this with those that attend my Thursday night No Fluff Webinars that I do each week.

Honestly, after this point, I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO TAKE ON A LIFE OF ITS OWN –  it just makes too much sense.

The focus after this will be finding or developing strong play one – play two systems for our members in and outside of network marketing. real estate, car dealers, restaurants, and all small business owners and entrepreneurs.

I found the guy that enrolled me – HE DIDN’T FIND me! Let me explain. I have been looking at the technology for a few months and have had several people mention another company to me. However, I never felt comfortable that they would be able to pull it off. When I saw that Asirvia was shipping units, I spent about 15 -20 hours educating myself as much as possible. When I decided to join and buy 8 units I had to find a sponsor.

I chose Curry Russell for many odd reasons.

#1 I simply believe him
#2 He has only been involved in network marketing for less than 3 years.
#3 He is from West Virginia, and a self-described Hillbilly like me.

He does a NIGHTLY webinar that I could direct team member to IN THE FUTURE after my initial launch:

at  …  www.ShowMeMore.Live

So I joined, didn’t talk to him personally or anyone else.  Since joining I have talked to him 1/2 dozen times;  he is very responsive and supportive as I felt he would be, so all is good there.

My initial plan was to get my 8 units and then share it with the select groups of people mentioned above over a period of time. Why the change?
I have heard that discount pricing on the units ends July 1st. THOSE THAT JOIN at 1 Unit $25 – 3 Units $49  – 8 Units $99 are grandfathered at that price even if the price goes up.

My mission and my focus is to help network marketing distributors build their business, PERIOD.

This is the most exciting technology to come around since the Internet. It is hard for me to imagine a network marketing distributor or any small business owner who would not invest $25 a month in a device that can create leads for them DAILY, AUTOMATICALLY !!

If this makes sense to you and I sent you here go to http://www.Asirvia.com/cmg and click the join button in the top right hand corner now. You will be placed in the holding tank and everyone will be stacked in the 3 lines, as previously described, in the order in which they join.




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