If you are not in the Pinterest Loop, Now is the Time!


*Just Launched* Pinterest Posting Software
This will Pin Your Interest Now-Tested

Dawn & I Have Been Testing This over the weekend, ok mostly
Dawn, but it is Simply Superb

*Just Launched* This will Pin Your Interest Now-Tested

Some of you may have noticed that  Dawn & I have got
involved in Pinterest in a big way this past weekend.



Because people love pictures and you can
make your pictures go viral very fast at
Pinterest and create a lot of traffic to any
website you choose.

How many people in [imwb_cgt_cityName],[imwb_cgt_regionName]
do you think have a Pinterest account?

Well… let me take that back a moment.

If you have the right software, you can
make your pictures go viral very fast.

This just launched and it is getting rave
reviews and boy is it cheap right now
at launch. (Simular software is in the
$200 Range)

We tested it  Saturday and Sunday
and we are hyped about it.


As we speak I am running this software
in the background and it doing this for me

Automatically pinning relevant pictures for you
Automatically commenting on those pictues
Automatically liking relevant pictures
Automatically repinning pictures for you
Automatically getting you followers

Get your hands on this right away.

You will need this tool as you get involved
in Pinterest.

And if you are not involved. Where the heck
have you been?  This is the fastest growing
website online right now and as I have always
taught, go where the traffic already is!

Follow us here
Dawn:  http://pinterest.com/CollectHallmark
Me:      http://pinterest.com/DaleCalvert

And watch what we are  doing with this
amazing software.

Pinterest Software

Pinterest is poised to be one of the most
important ways to advertise online the
remainder of this year and beyond, and you
need to get in early!

If I can do this. Anyone can do this
As many of you know, I am a complete tech
idiot but I set up Pinterest all by my self
No help from Dawn at all for which she is

Get this software which you will need to
work effectively at Pinterest and get it
now while it is dirt cheap.

Pinterest Software

Get the software. It comes with complete
training in the members area, easy to follow
step by step instructions.

If you buy nothing else this year, get your
hands on this software now for under
20 bucks.  I believe you can make that back
in a day or two.  (We already have sales from
this in our first two days!) 

 Pinterest Software
Gotta Run. I am playing around with this
new tool and I love it.

Dedicated to Your Success,



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