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No matter how counter intuitive it
may seem, Asking How to Build a Network
Marketing Business is never the right
question. The more important question
is Why?

This question is where all intelligent
network marketing leaders START.

If you have found this page then
the odds are you have heard us
talk about the concept.

“Until You Know Why the How Doesn’t
in our Start Right MLM program,
MLM Training Club CD or on one of our
generic NO Fluff Webinars.

You can download the PDF our students us to
help their new team members identify WHY they
want to build a team, by click here:
20 Reasons Top 3 Forms

I cannot stress how important this step
is.  It is always the first activity leaders
should have new people do.
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You just sponsored a new distributor. What is the first thing you do?

If you have listened to any of our training programs over the past 25 years, this answer is easy.  Those of you that are MLM Training Club Members also know Steps 2-3-4-5 etc.

STEP ONE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE: Establish why you are building a business. “Until You Know WHY the HOW Doesn’t Matter.”

Network marketers love to quote Zig Ziglar – “You can have anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” However, how many people actually know specifically exactly why the top distributors on their team are building a business?  How many distributors have a systematic way to help distributors on their team establish their WHY?

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In the beginning of your network marketing career you do a lot of work you don't get paid for, but later on, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, you get paid for a lot of work you don't do.



I am continually amazed by the attitude of entitlement people today seem to  have, even  people involved in network marketing.  Just because you join a company, attend every event, listen in on every conference call and corporate webinar does not mean you should be earning a penny.   All that means is that you like hanging out with the network marketing crowd more than the group of people in the choir at your church! 


Network marketing is not a social club, it is a business.   Yes, the social aspects of the business are awesome,… Continue reading »

“Formal education makes you a living if you become
Self Educated you can create a Fortune”
Jim Rohn

I try to schedule time every day for “Self Education”

I normally take one topic at a time, like Facebook
Marketing, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon Kindle,
or whatever and read and study as much as I possibly
can on that 1 topic. Then put into action what I
learn, tweak and move forward. Over the years this
has become part of my rountine. At any time if you
ask what subject I am focussing on, I can tell you.

Sometimes a spend a few weeks on a subject, sometimes
months. I know that if I

“Knowledge without action leads to self-delusion”

I have heard it said that we are all 5 books away from
becoming an expert on any subject.

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Not to worry, unlike 99% of the “consultants”
and “trainers” in the industry, I DO NOT HAVE
an opportunity to pitch you. LOL

I was doing some research this morning and found it
interesting that over 6000 people a month search
Google for the keyword phrase New MLM Company.

That tells me there is a good chance that
frustrated distributors are searching for a new mlm
company to make them successful. I may be totally
off base here, but that is what the search term new
mlm company suggest to me, what about you?

The truth is if you have trouble building company
ABC, then you will have trouble building company

Building a network marketing business is like
any other profession in life. It requires a certain set of
skill sets. More importantly in network marketing
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“You must act in accordance to your program” I did not say
you might, you could or it is possible. YOU MUST ACT in
accordance with your program.

Think about this, who is a top money earner in your company?

Got one in your mind?

If you had their programming, you would have their results!

I know you may be thinking, Dale what about all their skill

The skill sets anyone develops or doesn’t develop is based upon
their programming.

What about all their contacts?
The number of contacts people develop or don’t is based upon

All of our minds are made up of multiple programs.
We have programs about:

What kind of parent we are
How athletic we are or aren’t
How much we enjoy reading
How good of a communicator we are
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A couple of months ago I shared some thoughts regarding
the Trump Network on this website:

Click Here

(will open a new window)

Since that time, I have received emails almost daily
from people (most of whom have never been involved
in network marketing) telling me I don’t know what
I am talking about and then yelling “FACTS” such

* The company pays out 58%

* The company has been around for 12 years before
Mr. Trump bought them

*It only cost $48 to join so how can I lose

*Ideal Health has the top vitamins in the world
and the list of INSIGNIFICANT STATEMENTS go on
and on … and on…. and on.

Here is the truth.

The ignorant masses are being taken advantage of.

They some how feel that “Donald Trump” is going to make
them successful.… Continue reading »

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