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One of the biggest mistakes all marketers make is they expect big results with small numbers. One of the number one questions I receive is what percent of the people who land on my website should opt in for my information.

Honestly, there are many factors, most of which I have never paid a lot of attention to (my mistake) like
*where the visitors come from
*Value of give away, etc. etc.

For websites, these have been my base number for years, I think I originally got this from Internet Marketer Marlon Sanders.

A good rule of thumb:

If you convert…
– 1%: You are doing “fine”
– 2%: You are doing well
– Anything above 2%: You are doing very well

If you are doing 10%+, you are almost doing “too well,” meaning you could probably… Continue reading »

I think it was 1997.

I was invited to speak at my first INTERNET Marketing event ever. Yes, I said INTERNET MARKETING. At the time I had two different
monthly membership websites, before anyone had ever heard the term membership website.

One was paying me about $11,000 a month and the other one about $4,000 and that was the topic they wanted me to speak about.

I was excited, but a little nervous. My bread and butter is network marketing that is what I know. I was a newbie to all of this world
wide web stuff. Now that I think about it, I guess everyone was in 1997. ?

I was excited because I had the opportunity to be on the stage with many people that I had studied like Jonathan Mizel, Declan Dunn, and Marlon Sanders.

Those guys… Continue reading »


My granddaughter Chapel loves Shark Tank, she is 7.  When I go back to Kentucky we talk about all the different Shark Tank episodes.  She reminds me so much of me sometime it is scary, I feel like I can almost read her mind.


I have not met an entrepreneur minded person who doesn’t love Shark Tank.  I often ask myself what kind of positive impact the show would have had on me if I could have watched Shark Tank when I was a kid instead of Gilligan’s Island.

All any of us can do is live, learn, &  NEVER STOP LEARNING.

Are you are shark tank fan?  Then you probably know the answer to this question.

What are the two things the Sharks ask every business owner on each episode?

If  you’re… Continue reading »



If you are paying attention to your web logs and the sources of traffic to your websites then you know over the past 18 months there has been a major increase in traffic from social media websites.  The truth is the internet is shrinking.  We have always tried to teach people to  GO WHERE THE TRAFFIC ALREADY IS.!

Yes there are more websites online than ever before, however the majority of website visitors congregate on just a few websites.  If you are not using social media websites like Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Linked In, etc. and even websites like Ebay & Amazon to market your business you are simply missing it.

So if the importance of creating a presence on all social media websites is more important now than at any other time, are… Continue reading »

If you missed the segment and interview with Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos on 60 minutes last night, it is something that every entrepreneur should see, so here it is:

As many of you know we have been recommending that marketers find a way to tap into the power of Amazon for several years. We always try to practice what we teach and preach. When I first started publishing some of our MLM training manuals on Amazon’s Kindle platform there were only a handful of Kindle books available on Amazon. At the time of this writing there are hundreds, in the near future there will be thousands.

We have been selling some of our training DVD programs, like Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire on Amazon for several years.

For the last three to four years we have been having Amazon… Continue reading »



I have had several people ask for my opinion on Pure Leverage.

My question to them  is as a business opportunity or as a product?  


90% say as a business. 

So let me sum up my thoughts in one sentence and then I will expand.  As a product, Pure Leverage is the best of it's kind in the market, as a business opportunity there are simply too few potential customers for most people to ever make a significant income.


Pure Leverage
Click Here to Watch the Video


I have been using GVO for hosting, the company behind Pure Leverage, for nearly ten years.  They have always offered the best website hosting options for marketers like myself with multiple websites, Now with the introduction of Pure Leverage they offer the best option for newbie marketers,… Continue reading »

list building

If you have been around Internet Marketing anytime at all, you have heard dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of time, "The Money is in the List".  I disagree,  the money is in the "relationship" you have with your list.  

I personally have many websites and mailing list in specific niches that I have no relationship with, and honestly no interest in.  Organic gardening is one of them.  Now there is nothing wrong with organic gardening, it is a lucrative niche market, it is just a market I have no real interest in or knowledge about.  I have made money in that niche, but it does not really interest me.  I am in the process of getting out of many niches and selling off several websites. It has taken me awhile to learn that if you aren’t passionate… Continue reading »

It is a common belief  in the marketing world
that Google hates entreprenuers and cators towards
big bussinesses with deep pockets for advertsing
Google just added a new element to their search
.  The best we can tell these started last
It's called the EMD update.
EMD stands for exact match domains.
This means if your domain matched your keywords exactly,
Google no longer gives you any credit for the domain.
So internet marketers who were  lucky enough to
own and got to sit on the top of
the pack for a long time, those days are -or soon
will be over. In general this can be a good move
for the consumer when websites offer no real
Many of my… Continue reading »

If you are not in the Pinterest Loop, Now is the Time!


*Just Launched* Pinterest Posting Software
This will Pin Your Interest Now-Tested

Dawn & I Have Been Testing This over the weekend, ok mostly
Dawn, but it is Simply Superb

*Just Launched* This will Pin Your Interest Now-Tested

Some of you may have noticed that  Dawn & I have got
involved in Pinterest in a big way this past weekend.



Because people love pictures and you can
make your pictures go viral very fast at
Pinterest and create a lot of traffic to any
website you choose.

How many people in Local Area,Kentucky
do you think have a Pinterest account?

Well… let me take that back a moment.

If you have the right software, you can
make your pictures go viral very fast.

This just launched… Continue reading »


First of all just let me say I hope you and yours
have a enjoyable Easter Holiday.   We will be
celebrating with family and I am looking forward
to it.



What I am going to share with you, I have only
shared one time about a year ago  
at a closed door high level marketing seminar  I was
speaking at.  Attendees paid thousands of
dollars to attend this event.
I learned about this insider technique about 3 years
ago at a seminar I personally paid ten thousand dollars
to attend.


Honestly, I couldn’t tell you one thing I learned at the
seminar except this one technique and it absolutely
blew me and every marketer in the room away. 


Here is the technique


Imagine your competitors website or any website that your
potential customers… Continue reading »

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