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I know many of our readers have subscribed to my newsletter since our fist edition back in 1995, and I sincerely appreciate your support.

Writing is my least favorite activity, but I do my best to provide you valuable information every week and an expanded newsletter each month. I believe in having a learning mentality and that “Formal education makes you a living, and if you become “self educated” you can create a fortune and so thankful that concept was programmed in my mind at an early age, but the late great Jim Rohn.

I appreciate the kind words about this newsletter that I have received from many of you that I have had the pleasure of meeting at live events and the positive emails I receive daily.

I have said all of this to say #1 Thank You and… Continue reading »

If you are involved in marketing at any level there is a 99.9% chance you have received an email this week about the launch of the new $100,000 a month Amazon System I am getting emails daily from members wanting to know my opinion on this program and business model.

As you know, I believe in multiple streams of income.  Fullfilment by Amazon is a  business model I have been watching for a couple of years.  I have some friends that are making a living doing this.  We are personally using this service with some of training our CD's and DVD's and we are very active with Kindle.  This business model is much, much more than Kindle publishing.

I have been getting a lot of questions about the FBA business model.  Here is the bottom line, I recommend it.  I… Continue reading »



We have several friends, customers and clients who are starting to
diversify into the Kindle publishing business model.

We have created a Facebook Group for you guys.  Dawn and I have
been publishing books on Kindle the past couple of years and still
learning and in an education mode.

We are learning a lot of interesting tips and tricks every week.

If you are a Kindle publisher, we would like to invite you to join
us here.



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