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I guess it was Empower Network that convinced the masses a few years back that you must have a blog to build a network marketing team.  If we just stop and take a breath, does this make any sense from any standpoint?

How does your ability to provide valuable content through the written word have anything to do with your ability to develop a team of people?  It is bothersome but I am starting to understand there is an entire generation of network marketers who truly believe the way to build income with network marketing is only by sponsoring other network marketers, create followers, and sell them affiliate programs and lead systems.

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I will share with you why I believe Drop Cards are the ONE lead generation tool that should be used by every network marketers and the inside secrets to maximize your success with this lead generation method.  Yes, many network marketing pros use drop cards to develop leads for their business, but very few are actually MAXIMIZING THEIR SUCCESS with this proven method.  








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It does my heart good to see people putting into action the ideas and methods we share.  One of our subscribers sent me this video from one of our customers in my home state of Kentucky.

I have been teaching this simple postcard system for over 20 years, because it works.  The name of the game is sorting through people!  Amateurs try to convince, professionals sort!

Congratulations Billy on your SUCCESS!


Who does a search on You Tube for Dale Calvert? Other than my mother ..... it is probably someone interested in a home business. Over the next 12 months do you think someone may find Billy's video and contact him about his opportunity?

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Podcasting was really the in thing several years ago when it started. I remember subscribing to John Maxwell, Joel Osteen, Robert Kiyosaki, you name the respected personal development teacher, I subscribed to their podcast. At that time I was playing in a lot of Poker Tournaments, and would sit around the table listening to Joel Osteen on my Ipod. Does that strike anyone other that me as funny. For the record, I am not a gambler. I don’t play cash games, I play tournaments. I pay my entry fee and enter the tournament, like some play golf scrambles. I don’t do it for the money, I do it for the competition. Poker is really a people game with cards, and people have always fascinated me.

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One of the Secrets of marketing online is to provide valuable products in the niche you are working. If you are a network marketers you shouldn't constantly promote your lead capture page. mix it up a little bit!  The MLM Training package at is the best MLM Training value on the Internet.  The package sells for $9.97.  The best part is after you invest $9.97 in this package, you receive a link and website where you can turn around and market this BEST SELLING  package and keep 100% commissions.  Check out the video below to learn more.



TOP 20 FREE Press Release Distribution Websites



About 10 years ago I did a hour training on how to use Press Releases to promote your MLM busieness.  Over the years I estimmated that myself and our downline organizations have received over 1 million dollars worth of free newspaper advertising via press releases.   You can use press releases to announce new products, pin recognition and promotions,  attendance at a corporate event, etc. etc.

Now Presss releases services are all over the Internet and a great way to promote your business, products and events if you know what you are doing.

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