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TOP 20 FREE Press Release Distribution Websites



About 10 years ago I did a hour training on how to use Press Releases to promote your MLM busieness.  Over the years I estimmated that myself and our downline organizations have received over 1 million dollars worth of free newspaper advertising via press releases.   You can use press releases to announce new products, pin recognition and promotions,  attendance at a corporate event, etc. etc.

Now Presss releases services are all over the Internet and a great way to promote your business, products and events if you know what you are doing.

With all the news we write we need to make sure that these articles are delivered to the right audience, at the right time. This is where Press Release Distribution Websites come in handy. There are hundreds of them… Continue reading »

It is coming soon.

I originally wrote the artilce below a couple of years ago.
I believe the points are more valid today, than when it
was first written.


To answer your question quickly, no, at least not all of it, but unfortunately most marketers are going to have to start wearing boots soon and summer is almost here!

Every network marketing distributor seems to be looking for the magic network marketing lead source that is going to supply them an ongoing stream of fresh mlm leads contacting them with credit card in hand begging you to join your opportunity. I even saw a website this week were some one was promising to teach you how to make that happen. Now that is BS!


Regardless of what many of the “Self Proclaimed” mlm gurus are trying… Continue reading »

Is it just me or are the number of Nigerian scam emails on the rise?  It seems that over the past month or so the number of these emails hitting my email box has increased drastically.

I even received a Chain Letter in through the postal mail yesterday.  Yes a chain letter.  Some of you remember the days when you would receive 15 – 20 recruiting postcards in the mail every week and a couple of chain letters as well.

Recruiting postcards were popular before the internet, and still work today.  We recommend that clients use recruiting postcards as part of their over all campaigns. If you do, here are a few people that definately need a legitimate opportunity.

I hate to see people get sucked into Chain letters and other scams. Chain letters are usually started by people whose mail business… Continue reading »

I have heard it for over 30 years, and you
have to understand …… IT IS NOT TRUE!

What have I heard?

People in my area are different, they are not
business minded, they  are lazy, they lie, they
don’t have any money, they are negative, they
are looking for a job and not an opportunity.

We have to understand that if you are involved
in network marketing or any entrepreneurial venture,
you are the one that is different!  You need to embrace
and cherish the fact that you are abnormal because normal
people don’t… Continue reading »

I had a customer today send me a post today from a
MLM training forum.

The question was … Should I tell my friends and family
about my opportunity?

Here was one of the responses:

Many people have a problem telling their family and friends in
the beginning. I think you should tell them but not until you are
already making good money. When it comes to mixing money
and family you want to be careful.


Out of curiosity, I went to the guys blog just to see
who would give such lame advice.… Continue reading »

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