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Start your distributors Right.

Network Marketing is not just about getting people
in, it is about keeping them in and moving forward.

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A question I get quite often from would
be entreprenuers is Dale, how do I overcome

Everyone has Fear, that is not a negative
emotion necessarily. However some people
would be described as fearful and that is
beyond debilitating.

I have heard it said fear is:

F alse
E vidence
A pperaring
R eal

Naplin Hill said the way to overcome fear is
to recognize it, then repeat this phrase to

“If you have nothing to lose by trying and a great
deal to gain if successful, do it now”


Overtime, when fear appears, that phrase will
flash in your mind if you memorize it.

Fear can be overcome.

If your enterprise requires you to you the phone
and you are afraid, this will help you.

If you would describe yourself as “fearful” ….… Continue reading »

“I cannot tell you what one person will do, but I can
tell you what 95 out of 100 will do”

People are predictable and because the real product
in network marketing is people, it makes the entire
business predictable.

I want to share with you a concept I have never
talked about before, but I have observed for thirty years.
I call this concept the Mental progressions of
Network Marketing leaders and the mental digression
of Network marketing failures.

When skeptical people with poor self images get
involved in network marketing the digression of their
mindset starts off bad, and then goes down hill, you
can count on it.

• I don’t think It will work for me.

(With no conviction or belief in what they are doing
they casually mention their product or opportunity to
four or five… Continue reading »

The key word in the title is “WORKING”. Most network
marketing organizations are filled with what I call
“Social Club Members”. They like hanging out with
the crowd, but have never really, CONSISTENTLY
worked their business.

This stage is predictable. It usually happens after
a distributor has been working for 2-3 years. They
have a group of 50-100 distributors or more, but very
few are producing.

These people have worked hard, but usually
feel over come with the question:

“Is it ever going to happen for ME?”

I recently read a Facebook post by a well known
network marketer who made the statement, “In
network marketing you get paid exactly what you
are worth”

I respectfully DISAGREE. That is simply not true. You
must understand the reality of the Time & Money
Chart that we have shared on various mlm… Continue reading »

I just returned from a trip to Budapest, Hungary.
I did 3 MLM training seminars in 2 days.

I did my best to teach and inspire the people in
attendence. When I travel, especially outside of
the United States it seems that I learn more than
I ever expect.

In my next issue of my monthly “No Fluff” MLM
Help newsletter, the entire issue will be dedicated
to this trip and be called “Lessons from Budapest”.
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The friendships you develop in the network marketing
industry are one of the most valuable benefits of being
in this industry.

Before I left for Budapest I got word that a former
downline member Barry Tiller had died in an automobile
accident. He was 44, and left his wife and… Continue reading »

Mike Potillo Ironworks








Dale Calvert, Mike Potillo, Roge Wagers
In front of Dale Calvert’s Lexington Home



I hope you have had a great weekend, mine was awesome. As I sit here this morning, I started thinking about all the negative junk I read over the weekend about Mike Potillo and his involvement in a company called 360.


Let me start with a little background. I first met Mike in the mid nineties at a convention right after he had joined the company I was involved with. It was his first network marketing company

Ignorance on Fire, would be a good description of him at the time. He was a very likeable young man with big dreams. When I started my own company in 2000 Mike called our office one day and said … Continue reading »

“You must act in accordance to your program” I did not say
you might, you could or it is possible. YOU MUST ACT in
accordance with your program.

Think about this, who is a top money earner in your company?

Got one in your mind?

If you had their programming, you would have their results!

I know you may be thinking, Dale what about all their skill

The skill sets anyone develops or doesn’t develop is based upon
their programming.

What about all their contacts?
The number of contacts people develop or don’t is based upon

All of our minds are made up of multiple programs.
We have programs about:

What kind of parent we are
How athletic we are or aren’t
How much we enjoy reading
How good of a communicator we are
How… Continue reading »

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