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The longer I live, the more I am convinced that "self educated"  people, all come to the same conclusions, or maybe we just all studied Jim Rohn.  Regardless, I was doing some research today on a future project and I came across the article below from CS Hughes.  I thought it was awesome and I wanted to share it with our readers.  This explains exactly why those of you have not yet joined THE MLM TRAINING CLUB,  should join today!   🙂 

I hope you enjoy the article,  truth is truth and when was the last time you heard the term "University on Wheels"?  I can remember a time when  you could not attend a training event without that phrase being repeated over and over, and as I talk about in the 7 Lies book, it is… Continue reading »


For Immediate Release
February 2013


Americas Top Network Marketing Trainer introduces
new 18 months to MLM Mastery Program


More than 95% of all direct selling companies employ multi-level marketing (MLM) in their compensation package, and that is translated to an astonishing 97% of all sales acquired exclusively using this phenomenal marketing strategy. Hundreds of large distributor organizations worldwide have already embraced the MLM Training Clubs no-fail business magic. Now individual distributors can implement these proven systems.

Dale Calvert and his MLM Training Club have launched an amazing opportunity for people who aspire to be a marketing empire on their own. A program specifically designed to share the secrets and ultimate techniques of multi-level marketing is made comprehensive yet incredibly extensive, leading to its mastery in just 18 months. This program integrates full online capability through… Continue reading »

"When you are green you grow, when your RIPE you Rot"


There are a large number of RIPE mlm "leaders" in our industry.

They have the title of  Crown Ambassador, Quadroople Diamond,
Master Ruby Pearl, or whatever and they get to tour around like
Elvis and try to explain how they did what they did, when in
reality they don't even know.


There is nothing worse than having a leadership title in a
network marketing company, but really not understanding how
you achieved it other than hard work & determination.

Network marketing is a very complex yet simple business.

The majority of people that I work with one-on-one are great
people, hard workers, who sincerely want to see their people
do well.

However they know that what they do and how they do it can
not really… Continue reading »


I know as humans we take for granted that which comes
to us.  You do it, I do it, everyone does it.


I find it fascinating that there are people walking among
us that have the ability to play musical instruments by
ear.  That is fascinating to me, but to most of them it
doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.


I also understand that we see things as we are, not
as they are.


We have all heard the cliché, see things through rose
colored glasses, or see the glass half full.  That basically
saying people see the good or the positive sides of a


So yes, negative people always see the glass half empty
and positive people see the glass half full, but that is
really not… Continue reading »

As you guys know we have been testing multiple text marketing campaigns over the past year or so.  Quite frankly we have been so busy with other projects we have not had time to get on it and stay on it until we master it.  ( I know, do what I say not what I do).

Anyway the popularity of this marketing method is only going to continue to rise.  If you haven't started your "self education" process on this model to create leads for your business, maybe now is a good time to start.  Download a few ebooks to your Kindle that you can read while you are on vacation this summer or take to the pool.

The Resource we Got our Feet Wet With is you can click here to check it out if you want.

 I… Continue reading »

It has been said that the great Hall of Fame football coach
Vince Lombardi would start each years practice the same
way.  He would gather his team around, who had won the
previous years Super Bowl
, hold up a football and say

"Gentleman, this is a football".


The basics of MLM are not exciting, sexy, or new, they
simply help those who master them build empires. If
distributors would spend as much time mastering the basics
as they did looking for shortcuts, the masses would be
begging to join us in this industry.


Sometimes Genius is in the simplicity.


Network marketing is the simplest, most complex
business you will ever build.

The business model is simple the only problem is that it
requires people and people are complex.   The truth is 70%
of the population will… Continue reading »

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The more information you have access to the more confusion is created.  Think about that concept.  It is part of what we call the Paradox of Knowledge.

Most network marketers today are exposed to so much conflicting information that they really don't know how or where to start, or how to keep their business moving forward after they do start.

When I started in the industry over 30 years ago we really only had access to our upline leaders.   There weren't thousands of self proclaimed gurus screaming at us with the magic system for sponsoring 20 – 30 new reps  every month.

I can't image trying to learn the skill sets and mind sets necessary for network  marketing success in today's… Continue reading »

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