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Today there is more confusion in the market place that at any other time. You have affiliate marketers who think they are in network marketing. You have direct sales people thinking they are involved in affiliate marketing. You have internet marketers who are just trying to grab a buck from any niche they can in every way they can and the scenarios go on and on.

The first question we should ask ourselves is what am I really trying to accomplish? Am I trying to make money or am I attempting to build a business? The truthful answer to this question will effect every decision you make, no matter what kind of business you are in so now would be a good time to answer it for yourself.

Are you trying to make money, or are you attempting to build… Continue reading »

I did a persicope video early today and promised to place this Earl Nightingale THE STRANGEST SECRET video for you here.

You are looking at a framed picture of the RECORD that was recorded in 1966. “Truth is Truth” the wisdom of the ages, is the wisdom of the ages. This hangs in my Georgetown, KY office and personally provides me more inspiration than and Million Dollar Art Work ever could!


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If you have heard any of my training programs over the past 30 years you have probably heard me say 1000 times “Until you know Why the How Doesn’t Matter”!

I pride myself on the fact that when I entered the network marketing industry over 30 years ago, I was smart enough to know… Continue reading »



In 2000 I wrote the article below.  I am so glad everyone got the message LOL.   Many “Leaders” today  have become politically correct WIMPS, that listen to their TEAM MEMBERS go on and on and on about the same challenges they were having six months ago.  They really don’t know how to challenge and inspire so  instead of telling them the truth they listen to the same people with the same problems until someone comes along with a little better product or comp plan and “raids their downline”.   Wimpy leaders have their downlines raided.  True leaders, have no fear .

I understand that at some how the word leader in network marketing means someone that at some point achieved a certain title or income. However in the real world, leadership means someone… Continue reading »

Woman On Wheel


The industry seems to be full of people that are running as fast as they can with very little results to show for it.  I just want to encourage you to take a breath, slow down a little. Learn to take the time to think and plan.  Listen, I am preaching to the choir here, I am as guilty as anyone reading this post and I am not afraid to admit it!  I believe this is a learned skill.


I  remember our preacher a few years ago saying, “Pray that God will give you creative ideas”.  I remember thinking to myself, “that is the last thing I
need”.  Some of you can relate, right?


I started my first business, a direct mail company out of my parent’s home when… Continue reading »

As I have said many times, if not for the invention of the walkman, I would have never made it in the network marketing industry.


I was blessed to have a full-time job at IBM that allowed me to listen to audio cassettes, 8 hours a day. Truth be known, that is what created many of my beliefs and philosophies. I didn’t enter the industry with the skill sets and mindsets to build a network marketing team, they were developed. Because I was able to do it, I KNOW others can develop the right skill sets and mindsets as well.

When people got to a certain level on our team they were invited to our Leaders inside circle called the Eagle Club. We would meet together once a quarter. All new Eagle Club members were given a binder with 4… Continue reading »

After 30+ years in the network marketing industry the only thing I know for sure is that most people who achieve a good income do it with the skills, confidence, work ethic and mindsets they ENTERED the industry with. The challenge with that is personality is not duplicatable as we talk about in great detail in the Masses Training.

My message to network marketing leaders has always been YOU ARE NOT THE ISSUE, duplicatable systems are! Unfortunately many network marketers are more concerned about developing a following than they are new leaders.

It seems lately I cannot get off this soap box. Everytime I write an article like this I have friends tell me I am going to upset the “MLM Good Ole Boy Network” you would think by now they would understand that I DON’T CARE! My… Continue reading »

Sometime over the last 30 days, somewhere I wrote this statement:


“”””” Spare the hate emails, you cannot say something to me that has not already been said. I am not picking on the network marketing industry. The same can be said about real estate agents, insurance agents, and the list of industries goes on and on.

I love the network marketing industry, but I am a HATER when I see the lack of leadership most “leaders” provide to their organizations. Somehow we have evolved into an industry that feels anyone who has ever made a monthly check of $10,000 is a “leader”. INCOME has nothing to do with leadership as it relates to the network marketing industry or any other real world business. $10,000 a month income earners in MLM are a dime a dozen as I… Continue reading »

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