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In my opinion the reason many people join you network marketing team, but never take action is FEAR of REJECTION or Fear of Failure. These are very real emotions that countless numbers of people experience every day. As a network marketing leader, you need to cut through the layers of excuses you hear before you are going to be able to help your team members conquer these fears.

10 Signs Your Team Member Might Have a Fear of Failure

The following are not official diagnostics—but if you feel that these criteria are very characteristic of you (very being an important distinguishing marker, since as we all feel these things to some extent), you might want to help your team member examine the issues further.

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There is nothing more discouraging than seeing good people, involved
with the wrong business models. No, I am not just speaking about the
network marketing business model.

Today, all over the world, people are sinking their life savings into
businesses that have no chance of success.


Their window is open and they are sick and tired of being sick and tired,
they are disparate to make a change.

Most network marketers get involved with companies, based not upon the upside
potential of the opportunity, but the relationship of the person sharing
the opportunity with them.

How did you get involved with your current company?

So how do you find winners?

I hope this video will help you figure out the best network marketing
opportunity for you.



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“Most Network Marketers who tell themselves they have 15 years experience really have ONE Bad Year Repeated 15 Times”Click To Tweet

Over the past 15 years all we have really been doing as an industry is recruiting each other, we all know that, don’t we? We have gotten totally away from the 5 fundamental skill sets required to build a large duplicating team. When we do try to implement proven systems we half way do it, don’t follow the scripts and in the back of our minds think others have to have some secret Fu Fu Dust we don’t know about.

I understand how to build large duplicating teams at a level that haunts me. It is not easy, it is extremely frustrating to do it right, but it is WORTH… Continue reading »

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How to Reset Your Business & Your Life



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3 Step Process for Choosing the Right Network Marketing OpportunityClick To Tweet

Every week I have dozens of people contact me and ask my opinion about XYZ MLM Opportunity. At this point I receive so many request, and there are so many companies coming and going within the industry all the time, until a company is at least 90 days old and creating somewhat of a buzz I don’t even take the first look.

When I do, below is a mental process I go through.

The most important question, should be the most obvious so I didn’t mention them in the video below.

They are:

1) What does a distributor need to do, to recoup their initial or monthly investment?

2) What does a distributor need to do to make $300 a… Continue reading »








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If today you say the word webinar, virtually everyone knows what you are talking about. Webinars have become a common occurrence not just for entrepreneurs and marketers, but teachers, coaches, authors, pastors, and the list goes on and on. Webinars, and participation in webinars hasn’t always been that way.


Some of you may or may not know that I owned one of the first webinar companies online, back in 2000. If is a long story, but at the time, the ability to show power point slides online to a live audience around the world was a very foreign concept. Conference calls were extremely popular but I knew this technology was going to take the game… Continue reading »


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