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This is probably the one training webinar I wish every network marketer leader could see and then come to their own personal decision on what to do with the information.


PS Doing nothing, is still a decision.



Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire

Barry Donaldson Testimoney

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Being someone’s MLM  Sponsor and giving them the”Go Get’em Training Program”  is one of the reason the network marketing industry is not at the very top of the entrepreneurial movement happening around the world at this time.  With that said,  I have had three sponsors during the 20 years that I was building teams, and none of them effected my success or failure in anyway.

#1  A childhood friend & Best Man in my wedding  (He quite 2 weeks after I joined)
#2  A lovable yet senile old man that called me over 50 times to get me to look
#3   A staff member that worked here at Network Marketing Support Services

I believe that a persistent person in any industry will always find the Pinnacle Leader within that industry and in… Continue reading »

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As some of you know, in July of this year I DECIDED TO BUILD A NETWORK MARKETING TRAINING, CONSULTING AND SEMINAR BUSINESS. Yes, has the longest running network marketing newsletter on the internet, yes I have been operating a generic training, consulting, and seminar company for over 15 years. Yes this company has been my bread and butter and we have been… Continue reading »

Today there is more confusion in the market place that at any other time. You have affiliate marketers who think they are in network marketing. You have direct sales people thinking they are involved in affiliate marketing. You have internet marketers who are just trying to grab a buck from any niche they can in every way they can and the scenarios go on and on.

The first question we should ask ourselves is what am I really trying to accomplish? Am I trying to make money or am I attempting to build a business? The truthful answer to this question will effect every decision you make, no matter what kind of business you are in so now would be a good time to answer it for yourself.

Are you trying to make money, or are you attempting to build… Continue reading »

I did a persicope video early today and promised to place this Earl Nightingale THE STRANGEST SECRET video for you here.

You are looking at a framed picture of the RECORD that was recorded in 1966. “Truth is Truth” the wisdom of the ages, is the wisdom of the ages. This hangs in my Georgetown, KY office and personally provides me more inspiration than and Million Dollar Art Work ever could!


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If you have heard any of my training programs over the past 30 years you have probably heard me say 1000 times “Until you know Why the How Doesn’t Matter”!

I pride myself on the fact that when I entered the network marketing industry over 30 years ago, I was smart enough to know… Continue reading »

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