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I asked Keith, a member if I could share this with our readers.

  1. False or unsubstantiated earnings claims violate the FTC Act. Established truth-in-advertising standards apply to all companies within the FTC’s jurisdiction, and that includes MLMs. Every MLM case the FTC has brought to date has alleged – among other things – misleading money-making representations. Some MLMs use limos, luxury, and lavish lifestyles as the bait to lure consumers, but their pie-in-the-sky promises turn out to be half-baked. Others try a subtler approach, appealing to consumers’ desire to be their own boss, spend more time with their children, or secure their families’ financial future. Regardless of whether it’s hard sell or soft soap, deception is deception. And let’s face it: The facts bear out that very few… Continue reading »

January 25, 2017 (My Birthday)

Today is my birthday, here is my gift to you.

At least 30 years ago someone gave me a faded copy of this.  These statements made a lot of sense to me at the time.  Now 30+ years down the road, and many life experiences under my belt.  I would say they are absolutely 100% true.  There are many times in my life when I wish that these words of wisdom were more than common sense statements I had read.  I wish that they had been programmed in my mind!  At this point in my life  I have decided to memorize these now, and it may make sense for you to as well?

You can access the REPLAY HERE






I wanted you to know that I am making changes to the Thursday night NO Fluff Webinars in 2017.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have.

I believe in the concept of Just In Time Learning.

I believe that at any point in your business there should be a specific skill set you are 100% focused on Mastering.  Sometimes the Thursday Night webinar training will help you now, and sometimes the info will be very valuable for you in the future.  My challenge has always been that each week we have newbies who are on their first NO FLUFF webinar as well as millionaire network marketing leaders we have worked with for years. … Continue reading »







2016 has been an encouraging year for Network Marketing Support Services and Calvert Marketing Group.  Every day has been a magnificent adventure.  We have met so many great entrepreneurs  from all  over the world who understand it is time for the network marketing profession to stop  the hype, fluff, and BS and get serious about developing real businesses with real team members that are becoming real leaders.  


Honestly back in August 2015 when we made the decision to devote more of our business time and activities to network marketing support services Inc. the only question I needed to answer was is there hope?   There is no question regarding the downward spiral the entire profession has been in over the past 15… Continue reading »












I hope 2016 has been a wonderful year for you.

It seems like at the end of every year, people are always asking me “what kind of business environment do I think the next year will bring?”

With the recent presidential election in the United States, it seems I have been having these type of conversations more and more.

My standard answer has always been next year is going to be a lot like last year the only thing that will make a major difference for you are the books you read, the personal education seminars that you attend and the people you associate with.

I feel that will always be true.

However we live in very interesting times.

A lot of seemingly unrelated events… Continue reading »

Hi, I just shot you the video below this morning (December 7, 2016).

Is it normal marketing hype you see daily online… or a real, proven, little known BLUEPRINT to make sure your next 12 month entrepreneurial endeavors go to a new level?  Yes – I am talking about doubling, tripling, even 10X your business over the next 12 months.

I will go as far as saying this is the ONLY WAY to make this happen.

Imagine if you had the secret to making this happen and it had been proven by entrepreneurs, traditional business owners, sales people, managers, network marketers, and others around the globe and you wanted to share it with everyone you care about.  THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL.  Do whatever you have to do, but… Continue reading »

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