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As I have said many times, if not for the invention of the walkman, I would have never made it in the network marketing industry.


I was blessed to have a full-time job at IBM that allowed me to listen to audio cassettes, 8 hours a day. Truth be known, that is what created many of my beliefs and philosophies. I didn’t enter the industry with the skill sets and mindsets to build a network marketing team, they were developed. Because I was able to do it, I KNOW others can develop the right skill sets and mindsets as well.

When people got to a certain level on our team they were invited to our Leaders inside circle called the Eagle Club. We would meet together once a quarter. All new Eagle Club members were given a binder with 4… Continue reading »

After 30+ years in the network marketing industry the only thing I know for sure is that most people who achieve a good income do it with the skills, confidence, work ethic and mindsets they ENTERED the industry with. The challenge with that is personality is not duplicatable as we talk about in great detail in the Masses Training.

My message to network marketing leaders has always been YOU ARE NOT THE ISSUE, duplicatable systems are! Unfortunately many network marketers are more concerned about developing a following than they are new leaders.

It seems lately I cannot get off this soap box. Everytime I write an article like this I have friends tell me I am going to upset the “MLM Good Ole Boy Network” you would think by now they would understand that I DON’T CARE! My… Continue reading »


Kentucky wins again  91 – 67  Let’s Celebrate!



You know I bleed Blue!

Dawn and I just finished watching Kentucky beat a very scrappy Auburn team 91 -67 in the SEC tournament.  If you are an Auburn fan you should be proud of their SEC tournament run, they left it all on the court.

Anyway I told Dawn, I need to do another celebration deal for our subscribers.  After yesterday’s game we offered our new MLM Profit CD  & it sold out on Amazon!  (Thanks)

So on short notice, here is what I have come up with.  If you guys take advantage of this, I will plan on doing 7 more deals after KY wins each game on the way to their perfect 40 – 0 season, sound like fun?… Continue reading »

There is not a week goes by that I don’t say to someone, “It is Jim Rohn, not Jim Rome”.


I am a Sports guy and Yes, I know who Jim Rome is. However it bothers me that more people in the United States are familiar with Jim Rome than they are the great Jim Rohn.



The older I become the more I realize what a profound Jim Rohn has made on my life. There are many of you that have been true students of Jim, that can say the same thing. So many times, I ask people, do you listen to Jim Rohn and most of the time they think I am talking about the sports talk guy Jim Rome.

I have always done my best to plant seeds of personal development in everyone, especially the next generation. For… Continue reading »


Merry Christmas and I hope 2014 is your best year ever.

In the spirit of Christmas,  I wanted you to know that I think you’re awesome. I really do mean that.

If  you are reading  this, odds are,  you either have a business, are building one or want to build one… and I love to support people with that entrepreneurial spirit.  I appreciate those who blaze a trail of their own, help grow the economy, help provide others with  opportunities and want to achieve a higher level of freedom for themselves & others.  You truly are the people that keep things moving in a positive direction.

History is filled with people like us who have done amazing things. It all starts with trying to build something better &… Continue reading »


Paul Orberson, ex-coach who made millions in network marketing, dies at 56 By Linda B. Blackford

Paul Orberson, the charismatic founder of one of the country’s largest network marketing companies, one that later came under federal scrutiny, died Thursday. He was 56.

State Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr said Mr. Orberson died of cancer, which he had suffered from a decade earlier.

“He was an outstanding man, and so generous,” said Kerr, who attended Calvary Baptist Church with Mr. Orberson for many years. “He really was an amazing man. He had so much success in different areas, but he was so fun and folksy, he made everyone around him have fun.”

University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari visited him at the hospital in October as Mr. Orberson entered hospice care, and he wrote on his blog about being inspired… Continue reading »

Honestly, when I stated in the industry over 30 years ago, I wanted to quit almost every day. I had absolutely known of the skillsets and mindsets it takes to develop a network marketing team. All I had was persistence and credibility from the stand point that people could depend on me to do what I said I was going to do, and support them and tell them the truth. Remember I was 20 years old, so how much credibility can a twenty year old really have, but I was blessed with an extra dose of determination and I just knew that if other people with average intelligence had built a team, then I could.

The truth is, most business models can be learned by average people if they want it bad enough. It doesn’t take God given talents or… Continue reading »

Burning Desire

The video below this post is one of the best training videos I have ever seen on YouTube and I hope you enjoy it. It is not a “MLM Training” but the message should be heard by every network marketing distributor.

I wanted to share this with you because yesterday I was talking with a new MLM Training Club customer on the phone and they asked me, “Dale if you had one sentence of wisdom for newbie network marketers, what would it be?”

You can learn how to do the business if you find a Pinnacle leader and you want it bad enough. I have said it many times, most people are too comfortable to succeed. However if you have strong reasons that are driving you, and the right teachers and mentors we have the ability to learn and… Continue reading »

If you have ever heard one of our training CD’s you have probably heard me say “Until you Know Why, the How Doesn’t Matter”. My first ten years in the network marketing industry the only common denominator for success in network marketing that I found wass those that make it, have STRONG REASONS for making it happen. I have had people that I knew would be great that accomplished nothing, and those that I didn’t have much hope for go on to create six figure incomes. The bottom line is the ones that make it, have strong reasons for making it happen, and the one’s that don’t … don’t.

So for the last twenty years I have been teaching that the first step a person should take after they join a company is to write down specifically, exactly what… Continue reading »

All Self Impovement starts with the DECISION to Change





This is a Wisdom of the Ages Statement that makes life easier after it is accpeted.


The most frustrated marketers are those that are trying to achieve better results, without making a decision.


After a decision is market then we will take the actions necessary to create new mindsets and skillsets.  Until the decision is made we make 1/2 way attempts.  DECISION is the start of all Success and change.

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