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This was a very hot topic in the 80’s and I know network marketers that built massive organizations around this BENEFIT aloneAs an industry I think we take this massive benefit for granted. We mistakenly assume that everyone understands that building a business from home can convert some expenses you already have like water bill, electric bill, garbage pick-up, internet connection, training programs, maid service, lawn care service,  gasoline, car lease, vacations/business trips, kids allowance/wages, dining out/planning meeting , etc. etc. into legal tax deductions.


Operating a business from home allows individuals the opportunity to take advantage of many of the same tax deductions received by Fortune 500 companies.


Obviously I am not a CPA or Lawyer so blah blah blah, seek competent council (frankly it upsets me… Continue reading »

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I hope you have had a good summer.  Dawn
and I have been very busy with family activities,
following the Atlanta Braves & I have had the
opportunity to speak at several events.

In our spare time J we have also been working on
a new business model to prove to ourselves that it
has six figure potential for anyone who is willing to work.

THIS is an Internet-based business with a
huge upside potential…

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I love to master six figure business models. It's very rare
that an online business model comes along that is as
profitable as this and more importantly anyone with average
intelligence can profit from immediately.

I could go on and on, but the… Continue reading »


The answer is always "Make More Money".    The problem is some people get so over come with bills that emotionally, and mentally they shut down.  They become super skeptical, frustrated, and really don't know who to believe or what path they should take.  They are unable to think logically and end up looking for get rich quick methods that by now they should know DON'T EXIST!

I talk about this in detail in my book:

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The Secret is to read this book BEFORE you need it!  With that said, what can you personally do to make more money within the next 7 days?  Think about it?  Make a list!   The trap people get into is they think $300 isn't going to make a lot of difference right now.  That may be true, but $300 every week… Continue reading »

A coup;le of week ago, I released my new book on Amazon


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The is only 1 catch, or I should say FAVOR I am asking
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