As you guys know we have been testing multiple text marketing campaigns over the past year or so.  Quite frankly we have been so busy with other projects we have not had time to get on it and stay on it until we master it.  ( I know, do what I say not what I do).

Anyway the popularity of this marketing method is only going to continue to rise.  If you haven't started your "self education" process on this model to create leads for your business, maybe now is a good time to start.  Download a few ebooks to your Kindle that you can read while you are on vacation this summer or take to the pool.

The Resource we Got our Feet Wet With is you can click here to check it out if you want.

 I know this is going to be huge.

Automated Text Messaging

Phone calls and emails are obvious and effective ways to communicate in any prospecting process. Sometimes your message, however, can get lost in the mix of other messages that are all competing for the attention of your prospect. Moreover, the communications method you chose might not be the preferred messaging mode of your prospect. While a call or email can easily be missed or overlooked, at times there is nothing better at getting the attention of a prospect than a text message. In fact, a recent study shows that at least half of Americans 18 – 29 send at least 40 text messages a day, and half of those 30 – 49 send at least 10 per day. This is 8 times and 2 times, respectively, the number of phone calls they make per day. 


Did You Know?

There are over 300 million wireless subscriptions in the United States
Source: CTIA Wireless Association

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