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You are about to Learn the Inside Secret to not just getting new distributors in your program, but Keeping them in and moving the forward and productive!

Dear Network Marketing Friend,

There is no training program in network marketing that will make you more $$$$$ Period!

The name of the game is not just sponsoring new distributors!

Getting them in doesn't make you money! The Big $$$ is made from KEEPING THEM IN your organization.

THE FACTS: 80% of distributors hit a slump and quit your downline and stop making you income within their first 90 days!

90% of distributors quit within the first year How many distributors have joined and quit your organization within the past 12 months?






The challenge is always them same no matter how small or large your organization is & it is NEVER GOING TO GO AWAY unless you STOP and do something about it .RIGHT NOW!

Where would your income be if you had been able to save at least 50% of those who have quit?

Wow! The name of the game is getting them in, KEEPING them in and help them move forward towards the accomplishment of their goals and dreams!

The Streak When You Slump System is TESTED!  


This system  has created a 53% retention rate after one
year compared to the industry average of 10%.  Do you
see the positive impact this SYSTEM will have on your


When you have a new associate who is in a slump, GET THIS AUDIO CD IN THEIR HANDS IMMEDIATELY.

Nothing will help them get back on track like the Streak when you Slump system.

You will receive the complete Streak when You Slump Training System which includes:

  • LEADERS ONLY DVD That will explain this simple system to you in detail ($29.97 Value)
  • A CD Rom with the necessary forms to immediately put this system into practice within your organization ($10.00 Value)
  • PLUS 10 Streak when You Slump Audio CDs ($70.00 Value)

This entire package has a list price of $109.97, but the REAL VALUE of this system is what it will mean to your commission checks when you implement this proven system into your organization.

Don't procrastinate; every day you wait, you are losing money! Order the complete Streak when you Slump System right now! Complete Streak when You Slump System which includes Leaders DVD Training, 10 Audio CDs plus the Forms CD Rom, a $109.97 Value only $67.00


I put Dale's Retention
System in play in
our organization, and the
results have been remarkable.

My upline wants to know why
our organization is exploding,
and I won't tell him!  🙂

Traci Davis,  TX  


There are no real secrets in network marketing, but if there where, this could be considered one.
When was the last time you heard someone teach how to RETAIN distributors? Never ….right?
The focus is always on sponsoring, sponsoring, sponsoring, If you are ready to work smart,
order this System, it simply not available anywhere at any price!

Leaders Training DVD only $29.95
Streak When You Slump Audio CD $7.00
Lot of 10 Streak When You Slump Audio CD's $35.00
Lot of 25 Streak When You Slump Audio CD's $55.00

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