What profession can you earn a $250,000 annual income without acquiring an education first?

Seriously, think about that.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they join the industry is they try to do it with the skill sets, mindsets and work ethic they ENTER the profession with.

NEW SKILL SETS AND MINDSETS are required if you plan on achieving your full upside potential with this business model.

Yes, work is required, that is a given. However unlike other business models, in network marketing your long-term income is going to be in direct proportion to your ability to recruit and lead a team of people (a volunteer army)

The real product in this business is people.  Your upside income potential is in direct proportion to the number of leaders, you development on your team.   Recruiting distributors should never be your focus,  distributors come and go, it is like a revolving door, DEVELOPED LEADERS STAY!

In many businesses if you have a great product you can make sales and create customers. However to reach your full potential with the network marketing business model your long term focus must be on team building.

About 3% of the population don’t have problem attracting and recruiting people. However those that have no problem recruiting, always seem to have a challenge duplicating.

If you want to maximize your long term upside potential you must decide to become self-educated and not depend on the trying to build your team with the skill sets and mindsets you enter the profession with.  

I have communicated for years, stop reading books on vitamins, minerals, herbs, and dangerous ingredients in household products and commercial skin care products, and start reading and studying LEADERSHIP.

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