It seems that every time we turn around some
“Self Proclaimed Guru” is screaming that what
network marketers need is more leads and cash

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that you
can never have enough leads, and no one is
opposed to creating more cash.

However what network marketers really need
are the skill sets and attitudes that enable
them to maximize the potential of every lead
they generate.

The odds of the person you are talking with,
slim, however the odds of THEM KNOWING
the person you are looking for is very high.

This point is true and not really debatable.

Every person knows somebody that has the
work ethic, drive and ambition to go to the
top of your companies compensation plan.

The odds are they don’t, but they do know
someone! With that said, why aren’t
more trainers teaching people specific
“Systems” and “Terminology” to obtain more

As network marketers we have to learn to stack
the odds in our favorite. Too often we work
against the way things are.

Isn’t it time you learn and teach specific systems
for obtaining referrals? Stack the odds in your
favor in 2010. You can start by listening in
on a recorded webinar you will find at: where we share
a specific system to get new team members
started quickly and correctly by obtaining
referrals from the day they enter your program.

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