I made a video almost 3 years ago on this subject and I will include it in this post.   There is no question that more opportunity exists today than at any time in history, but only for those that have the ability to INDENTIFY THE RIGHT BUSINESS MODEL, FOCUS, & COMMIT.


Master the business model, create success and then move
to the next business model you want to master. The problem
with adults, is they are impatient, and never "master" any
marketing method or business model before moving on the
the next and the next and well you get the idea.

Every Saturday morning and Tuesday night you have network marketing attending live trainings or online webinars on topics like "How to Keep your Team Motivated" and half the people in attendance haven't even sponsored their momma yet!  Is it just me, or is this a major waste of time?  These people should be focussed on mastering prospecting and lead generation, shouldn't they be?


You can learn how to do anything you choose to learn.  If other people with average intelligence have done it, so can you!   However people with average desire and belief will always have limited success.


There is no secret to success it simply takes a viable business model, correct focused education and implementation.

I wrote about this concept a few years ago in this book. "The Success System the Internet has Stolen"  I sold thousands of these at $17.00 each, but you can now downline it free here:





The challenge with entrepreneur minded adults is attention span, and patience. That is why you see so many network marketers who have been around the industry for 15 years and are not any more productive today than they have ever been.  

They have never really taken the time to study the real skill sets and mindsets it takes to develop a business.   They have simply been trying to do it with the same skill sets and mindsets they entered the industry with instead of developing the right ones.  They really don’t have 15 years experience; they have 1 bad year repeated 15 times, does that make sense?


The reason a child can learn to play the guitar or any other instrument much quicker than an adult is a child will sit down at the piano and practice the scales  over, and over, and over again.  An adult sits down, practices the cords for 10 minutes and expect to be able to play Beethoven.  

That is why you see network marketers who jump from company to company and always receive the same, limited results.

Companies don’t make you successful.  Your skills sets and mindsets, or lack there of, is what makes the difference between success and mediocrity in any entrepreneurial endeavor.





Don’t try to learn Algebra until you mastered Addition.

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