I heard years ago from many Success Mentors that Fear of Failure, &
Fear of Rejection are the two EMOTIONS that stop most people from
achieving success.

After 35+ years traveling the road of entrepreneurship and working with
thousands of people and more importantly being aware of what people are
saying and feeling in every entrepreneurial endeavor, I would agree
with this assessment one hundred percent.

There are all kinds of valuable training in the world that will teach those
who are determined to move forward how to over come these two giant


As these feelings relate to building a network marketing team it is even
more challenging.


Where do feelings of rejection normally come from?


What is the real product in network marketing?

People (Customers & Team Members)

So how you frame these emotions in your mind, in my opinion, is
very important.  It determines if a person is able to come up with
the energy to really launch their business to begin with.  It is my
estimation that over the past 15-20 years 80% – 90% of the
people who have joined a network marketing organization have
never officially launched their business.

I find it fascinating that as an industry we understand every
traditional business should have a grand opening, but somehow
in network marketing a systematic approach to launching your
business is not common practice.  No!  I am not talking about
Private Business Receptions!  I don’t feel PBR’s should ever
be part of your launch process.

As leaders we have to deal with these feelings head on.  Even
if you are one of the lucky 3% that have never experienced
Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection at a high level. I can promise
you, most of your team lives with these negative emotions daily.

Here is what I don’t understand.  Identifying and naming the
challenge helps those on you team know what they are feeling.
(Fear of rejection/fear of failure)  Many leaders recognize these
feelings in their people, and talk about it)  However identifying
it and talking about it does not provide a SYSTEM, A PROCESS
to help people move forward.  Please re-read this.

I came to the conclusion that I have to provide my team a way
to not just recognize the challenge, but move past it.  That is
why I own the awesome domain name, I identified the program and
developed a plan for myself to move forward and then later
in my career I understood the majority of people need help
with this, a system if you will, not just in business but in

I am thankful that early in my career I went on a mission to
stamp out negative emotions and consciously Program my Mind
for Success.  Yes consciously, deliberately, daily, program
my mind for Success.  This daily process not just worked for me
but for thousands of people on our team, as I discuss here.

In today’s network marketing world we are far too focused
on marketing hacks, tricks, and lead generation.  In my opinion
lead generation is the easiest part of building a team.  The real
challenge that most avoid really talking to much about is
developing the right mindsets and eliminating the fear of failure
and fear of rejection programming that holds most people back.

It is my feeling this is not talked about more, and rarely are
any concrete systems provided for this huge challenges, because
most network marketing leaders fall into the 3% category. They
never had to deal with these feelings at the level most of the
people on their team will.  Does that make sense?
This is not just within the network marketing business model,
but almost within every aspect of business and life.

Eliminating FEAR is something every leader should take
seriously if they want to maximize their potential in anything
they do!

I think this video is awesome, I hope you enjoy it. But as most
it helps people identify the challenge which is the first step to
move forward.   After you can name it, you can work on it.



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