It is a common belief  in the marketing world
that Google hates entreprenuers and cators towards
big bussinesses with deep pockets for advertsing
Google just added a new element to their search
.  The best we can tell these started last
It's called the EMD update.
EMD stands for exact match domains.
This means if your domain matched your keywords exactly,
Google no longer gives you any credit for the domain.
So internet marketers who were  lucky enough to
own and got to sit on the top of
the pack for a long time, those days are -or soon
will be over. In general this can be a good move
for the consumer when websites offer no real
Many of my marketing friends with exact match domains are
reporting some down movement in their sites.
Personally some of our niche websites with excellent content
have been hit as well.  There really doesn't seem to be any
guidelines, rhyme or reason to their actions.
Over the years I have spent hundreds of hours and a lot of
money on search engine optimization strategies.  NO MORE!
I give up!
Three times in the last 5 years or so google has come in and
wiped websites off the map.  Granted, many of them deserved
to be, even some of mine.  
I have had the website  since
2003.  It took me forever and a lot of work to get this website
ranked.  I added a blog to the website, a ton of videos and
put hours of work into the website.
It is a great website that promotes an awesome course to
teach network marketers how to create leads in their local
market.  We also provide a FREE 7 part video series to share
local mlm lead methods.  The last 3 years it has been #1 on
Google and #1 on Bing for the search term Local MLM Leads,
as it should be.
I am the only marketer that has a course on this, and I have
been teaching these methods of years.
Today if you go to Bing and type in Local MLM Leads, this
website is there right at the top.   On google?  Because it
is an Exact Match Domain, we have gone from the Top of
page 1 to I don't know where???  We aren't even in the
top 30 listings now. 
Thankfully my business does not depend on the search
engines.  However this latest move by Google will cost
me several thosuand dollars a month, and I am not real
happy about that.
I guess my point is in life and business there will always
be things that happen that are 100% out of our control.
We can stew over it for hours, days, months, or years,
or we can learn what we need to learn, and move forward.
I have learned not to spend another minute or penny
on search engine optimization.  All I can do is provide
the best content I can and let the chips fall where they
For all of us our success or lack their if depends on
our ability to focus on what we can do and not worry
too much about that which is out of our control.
It  is easy to blame the things that are out of our
control, but when we do, many times we lose sight
of what we can control.
  Stay focussed on what you
can do daily to move towards your goals and dreams.
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