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I guess I was born with entrepreneurial DNA. I can’t remember a time in my life where I was not in business. From finding, cleaning, and turning in pop bottles for the 2 cent deposit when I was five years old to being a principle in a 100 million dollar company with nearly 80 staff members and over 60,000 independent contractors.

At this point in my journey I would say without question, the reason most people that think they want to become entrepreneur’s fail is ……….



I have no doubt that many people reading this article simply need to stop searching for NEW INFORMATION and simply FOUS on
conquering those fears. They are not going to just one day magically leave you, you have to stomp them out and replace them
with empowering thoughts.

This is the program that has helped many people.







As I write this, I realize that there are some people who have no fear, who also fail. Not because they are afraid to take action, but because they don’t think.

Honestly most entrepreneurs have a READY ––F I R E — AIME mentality. They take action after action with rarely aiming (thinking) until after the fact.

Action takers are always the money makers! If you take consistent, daily, INTELLIGENT actions over time, they will move your business and your life forward you will succeed. Congratulations for being here, by reading this post you are taking intelligent action, You are setting the proper example for those on your team & companies.

Before I let you go where on the chart do you fall?

#1 Afraid to talk to their momma



#10 Talk to Anybody, Anywhere


Both the #1 and the #10 are going to have challenges with the network marketing business model. The challenges a #1 faces are obvious to everyone. However the challenges #10 have are much deeper and hidden, especially in the beginning of their career. They usually attract followers very quickly and receive a lot of recognition. However this business is not about developing followers. It is about helping people on your team maximize their personal leadership abilities.
















It is hard to help people develop attributes when you never had to develop them personally. Does that make sense?

Think about it from a skill standpoint. Playing the banjo, driving an 18 wheeler, or sewing a dress. You name the skill, it doesn’t matter. Building a real, duplicating network marketing team happens based upon learned skill sets and mindsets which can be taught.  Natural abilities which allow you to develop followers will only take you so far.

The number one mistake made by talented people is they think they can maximize the network marketing business model with the skill sets and mindsets, they ENTER the profession with.

It takes INTELLIGENT ACTION to build a well trained duplicating team. That is what we try our best to communicate in all our podcasts, and training systems. When the right people are ready to hear, they hear.

I believe that at some point, logic, reason, wisdom, and INTELLIGENT ACTION will hit a tipping point within this profession, returning it to the foundational roots, and personal development and responsibility roots it originated from.

What about you?
















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