Hi it’s Sunday afternoon and I just returned back home from a very good weekend in Orlando at Michael Penlands’s Internet Marketing and Joint Venture seminar.  I had the opportunity to speek at this event on the concept of developing cash flow and leads with Ebay and Online Auctions.

So this wasn’t a Network Marketing Training, but another niche I have been working in for the last 4 or 5 years.  I had a great time and Michael’s events always feature cutting edge speakers and interesting entreprenur minded attendees.  Several of the “No Fluff” ezine subscribers were there and it was good to have the opportunity to put a face with a name.

Now for the interesting trend.  Most Internet Marketers in the past have avoided Network Marketing for the most part.  However I would say that at least 1/2 of the speakers at this event were involved in some type of network marketing program and probably 70% of the attendees.  This is by far the highest percentage for both speakers and attendess that I have ever seen over the last 10 years or so when speaking at these type of INTERNET MARKETING events.

This is good and bad.

Unfortunately the market place today is full of alot of people who are jacks of all trades and masters of none.  Find what’s right for you……….FOCUS…………BECOME SELF EDUCATED…………………MASTER IT…………THEN MOVE ON.

This advise works well when learning how to market online.  If you want to learn how to drive traffic to your website, MASTER one system at a time.

Google Adwords
Article Marketing
Banner Advertising
Press Release Marketing
Ezine Advertising
etc. etc. etc.


In Network Marketing you can’t just MASTER NETWORK MARKETING in one class.  Break MLM Training down the same way you would learning internet marketing or driving traffic to your website.  One topic at a time in a Sequential order.
* Master the Recruiting Process
* Learn how to start MLM Distributors right
* Master Local Lead Generation
* Master Funded Proposals
* Master How to Create Leads Online
* Master How to Develop Leaders and Help team members over hurdles

Don’t try to Learn Algebra until you Master Addition!

The Internet Marketing Worlds and Network Marketing Worlds will continue to combine.  Most Internet Marketing Pros will always treat MLM like a multi-level affiliate program.  However those who take the time to MASTER NETWORK MARKETING and get the proper Network Marketing Training will create the fortunes in the future.

We all need to be smart enough to “know what we don’t know”  Knowledge begins, AFTER we know it all!

Have a great week!




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