oes that last 10% of your efforts provide you 90% of your results?

Is this concept why most six figure network marketers will never become
seven figure earners?  
I really don’t think so.  I believe it is more an issue
of false pride than anything else.

Some people are intentional learners.  Intentional learners will learn all
their life.  I personally
consume five to eight audio books a month.  I listen
to a couple of business principle, mindset, and spiritual growth 

podcast weekly.  I developed the habit of intentional learning and I will
never stop.

My experience in this industry has shown me that many network marketing
“leaders” where able 
to get their organizations off the ground with the skill
sets and mindsets, credibility, etc. they entered the industry with.  I call these
“transferable skills”.

However, when you really looked at the numbers these people are only about
3% of the people in the profession.  So who are the one’s that end up on stage
teaching us normal people?

The 3%ers.

These people are awesome, and most sincerely want to help and support their
teams, but that is very hard to do if you built your brand based upon transferable
skills you entered the industry with instead of intentional learning.

Does that make sense?

When do you stop being teachable?  When is it ok to turn off the spirit of
development?  When your work ethic, skill sets, and mindsets are stronger
than 90% of the population it is hard to learn from those that have more
experience. Does it make it harder to challenge yourself to become all you
can be?  Does it make it harder to understand the only real competition is
in the mirror?

Being teachable is the hallmark of being a great follower, as well as a leader.
It means you can submit to constructive criticism, adapt your behaviors, devise
creative solutions, and even learn new skills, all to meet your goals and create a
positive team culture around you with people that are learning, growing and
moving forward.  In short, you are able to get your ego out of the equation.

A great question to ask, no matter your success level in any aspect of business
and life, is are you willing to be led?  

Many network marketing leaders have been rebels most of their life.  They
depend on nobody but themselves, what about you?  Until we consciously decide
we will learn from the thought leaders that have gone before us, and surrender
to the authority within our corporate leadership  teams we will never be satisfied
or happy.  No matter what your company does, trust me, I know.

I work with several six figure leaders around the world from many different

Deciding that it was 0K to seek out help, and find someone who could help
them take their organization to the next level was very difficult for most
of them.












I am not sure if it is false pride, ego or what creates this unproductive spirit
in otherwise awesome people.  What is even more fascinating to me is this
feeling seems to be in network marketing more than any other business model.
It probably just comes down to an abnormal amount of self reliance?

Most people that contact our office don’t need a coach, they need a course. 


For a six figure network
marketer to take their business s to seven figures it almost always requires a coach.
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What got you to six figures will normally not take
you to seven.

I know people don’t like to hear that but history and numbers tell us that is the truth.
I believe that those that are in the profession today, and have done well need to
continue to get better.  You owe it to yourself and to the industry.

Sadly most of the people that achieve a six figure income within the network
marketing business model, are out of the industry within 5 years.


They simple don’t have the strength, energy, mentality, or GAME PLAN to
realistically take their business to the 7 figure level.

I have said many times, six figure income earners are a dime a dozen in this
profession.  As Jim Rohn shared with me through audio cassette years ago,
“Everyone should strive to become a millionaire, NOT FOR THE MONEY ,
but because  of the type of leader you must become in the process.


When you are ready to take your business to seven figures, we can help
you, in the meantime, you probably don’t need a coach, most part timers
just need a course depending where they are on this journey.



The bottom line is before you lament there are no leaders worth following,
make sure you are willing to be led; willing to choose between submitting to
the organization’s requirements versus being unyielding in pursuing your
own professional autonomy. Until you learn to surrender to authority,  or
mentorship, you’re never going to be happy, no matter where you go or what
kind of income you achieve.

It can get lonely at the top, especially when no one is willing to talk about the real
issues that all network marketing leaders experience.  Keeping people excited and
emotionally connected is easy.  However helping  them change, progress, and move
forward is a challenge that very few transitional leaders really understand
because they have never personally, intentionally, experienced the process.

Your long-term income in this business is in direct proportion to the number of
LEADERS, you DEVELOP on your team.  If you need help wrapping you mind around
this concept the podcast here NO FLUFF NETWORK MARKETING LEADERSHIP can
help you out.


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