I have had multiple conversations with friends over the past
few days all asking me if I had seen the "Secret" Romney
47% Video.

I had not seen it, or even heard about it for that matter.


I really couldn't believe what I was hearing so I had to
check it out for myself. My democrat friends heard it
one way, and my republican friends heard it another.


It never seizes to amaze me how as people we see things
and hear things not as they are, but as we are. I told my
grandmother one time, if Satan himself was running on
on the Democratic ticket, you would vote for him
. No, that
didn't go over very well. 🙂


For the record I see myself as an Independent. I have never
voted based upon party. I always have vote based upon the


I have not watched the nightly news in 20 years, thanks to
network marketing trainer Jerry Clark. It is impossible to
watch the news every night and maintain a positive attitude.


I try to stay focused on the things I can control, the people
I can help, and keep the big picture in mind. Life on this
earth is short, so we have to make the most of every day.


As you guys know, I believe in personal responsibility,
free enterprises and am thankful to have been born into
the greatest free enterprise system the world has ever
known. I believe we can all become more than we ever
thought possible with persistence, dedication, and a
positive attitude. I believe in the entreprenurial spirit
of people. 


As it relates to politics, or mlm, It is shocking to me when
people speak truth and step on people's toes it creates anger
from the guilty. Listen, if the shoe fits, wear it!  When someone
comfronts me with the truth and I don't like it, the solution
is not to lash out, the solution is in the mirror.


We have become a society of victims, who feel they have
no control over their life and expect the government to
take care of them. How anyone can argue that this attitude
of entitlement has not been growing every year is beyond
me. We now have 3rd generation welfare recipients who
don’t know anything but getting a government checks, living
in government housing, etc. etc. I resent paying my taxes
because of these people, but all any of us can do is think
"their but for the grace of God, go I"


Welfare was designed to help people during hard times
to get back on their feet, but it has become a lifestyle. Who
can say how any of us would behave, if we grew up in
that environment?



As entrepreneurs we need to
encourage and inspire people
to grow, learn, develop and
become all they can be.


Help them understand, they can take control of their
life break the socialism mentality, and dependence
upon the government or anyone else to take care of them.




To prove to the world that the free enterprise system is
alive and well in the United States.  That is why I applaud
every success story I hear.  I am not an ambassador for
the network marketing industry.


Truthfully, I have been crying the industry has to return to
its roots of personal growth and self development for years.

I am quick to point out the injustices and misleading information
in our industry.  I hope that never changes.


As I was investigating this story, I was discussed at the number
of Republican leaders that were trying to distance themselves
from Romney’s comments and sugar coat what he was saying.


Let’s get real.  It is not about 47% of American’s not paying
taxes .  Paying taxes or not paying taxes is not the real issue


The real issue is as the greatest free enterprise system the world
has ever known we should be producing leaders and entrepreneurs in
record numbers.  Instead we have created a culture where a
large number of people see themselves as helpless victims.

Until that changes, how can we expect this country to get back
on track?


Personally I feel like 70% of the population will die with their
music still in them as I wrote about years ago at:


I did this video training 13 years ago called
Forever a Victim, I don’t think so”  which is why so many
of my friends wanted to see if I was in the loop on what was
going on.


Click Here to Watch

 I know that the thoughts, truths and principles
presented in this video are more important now and
our future than they were for all of us in attendance
that day in 1999.



We seem to be living in a world where common
sense isn’t so common anymore.


Just check out the mentalities of these people




This has nothing to do with Democrat, Republican, Black,
White, Poverty, or millionaires.  It is about the “What’s
in for ME” mentality and Victims who have a sense of
entitlement we are producing in the greatest free
Enterprise System the world has ever known.

The only way we can move forward as a country is if
each of us decide to stand up for what we believe
in as entrepreneurs and learn how to inspire ourselves
and others to max out the God given talents, skills and
abilities we were born with and dedicate ourselves to
learn the new skill sets and mindsets required to move
forward and be productive people and


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