Would you trade in your company or your downline?

I had a friend and business associate ask me
how I thought most network marketers would answer
that question.  That is a very interesting question,
how would you answer it?

Well, how would you?

Don’t read any further until you answer this
question in your mind.

Ok, what is your answer?

If you say your company, you need to find a
new company!

Belief in your company is absolutely mandatory if
you expect to find a mlm home and have success
long term.

I talk more about this in an article I wrote a
few years ago titled:
I will Never Quit my MLM, Maybe you Should

Some of the best advice I have ever heard is  ….

          ”If the horse is dead ….GET OFF OF IT!”

I  am amazed at how many hard working, intelligent
people work opportunities with virtually no upside
potential.   I

Understand that most people “Fall in Love” with
their first company. I did and so did every big
income earner I have ever met within the industry.

However there comes a time when you need to retire,or
resign and move on.

If you said you would trade in your downline, think
about this. You are the one that sponsored them!
Most network marketers have organization made up of
people that  “couldn’t tell them no”.

Followers, that will never duplicate


It is just as important to get rid or never sponsor
in the first place the wrong people as it is to find
the right people!  Your downline is a reflection of
you and your leadership abilities or lack there of.

What I am really trying to say is your business will
never grow beyond your personal leadership
abilities.  Learn to work harder on yourself than
you do on your business.
Most people have the attitude if first I don’t succeed,
fix the blame quick!  Success can only happen when you
decide to take responsibility for your own success.
Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better!

The great news is you can find the right MLM company
for you that deserves your total belief and commitment.
You can also develop a large duplicating organization
of leaders when you understand that is the REAL Goal
in this industry.  You are in the leadership development
industry …..PERIOD.

Your product is not vitamins, make up, liquid nutrition,
pre-paid legal services, or anything else you may think it
is.  Your product is people and your goal is to develop a
well trained organizations that consistently markets, moves
and consumes your product or service.

If any of this resonates with you then this program is for

If it doesn’t  do yourself and print this information and
put it in a safe place because there will come a time in
your network marketing career when the paradigm shift will
occur and this info will not discourage you, it will encourage

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