Dear Dale, Imagine being able to: * Master the 3 simple secrets – To start from scratch and build a legitimate online business that generates thousands of dollars in income for you…(Without any inside knowledge or special skills) ————————— ABOVE WAS THE HEADLINE AND START OF AN EMAIL I RECEIVED TODAY.

I know, I know, your email box is full of this stuff every day.

The scarey part is these hyped up get rich and do nothing messages work. Our culture is full of people with lottery mentalities. Ladies and gentleman the only place Success comes before work is in the dictionary! I have decided to take 10 minutes extra time every day and simply unsubscribe to folks that send out these type of message.

If they are spam, I will report it, if they are someone I once thought was worth learning from I will let them know that as well. These type of messages hurt the credibility of people who are promoting legitimate opportunities, products, services and training programs. When you really stop and think about it do you really want to attract people to join your company who are doing so because they don't want to work? Don't you already have enough of those people in your downline "team"?

Give me 5 loyal dedicated people who are willing to grow and expand their comfort zone. I would rather have 5 like that than 1000 people with a lottery mentality. Yes, those people are hard to find, that is why they are so valuable. Your job is to prepare yourself so when they come your way, your ready. If you do it, right, they will eventually come your way. I have discovered over the years that the RIGHT people always find the RIGHT people.

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