What a busy week for us.

Today we are having an open house from 2-6
for my step-daughters graduation.

I want to share with you what happened
yesterday at the graduation ceremony. But
first let me share an awesome quote.

“Entrepreneurs must learn to combine Ambition
with Thankfulness”

JIM ROHN http://www.3BasicLaws.com

The above quote needs to be taken to heart
by many abmitious people. Learning to stop,
smell the roses and say thank you makes
your life much more complete. I am shocked
at the people who simply have never and can
not say a simple “Thank You”.

Anyway this past week has been very emotional
for my wife Dawn because her first born is graduating
high school and preparing for college.

Every day this past week she has teared up
during our morning coffee. Thankfully most have
been happy tears. Anyway, on Friday she sent an
email to many of powers at be at Dominion
Christian high school where Taylor has attended the
past 4 years.

While this is very personal, I just asked her if I
could share it with readers of this blog and she
agreed. Here it is:


I am sitting here in my living room this morning
teary eyed and with a full heart….partly because
my baby girl Taylor is graduating tomorrow, but
also partly because I am going to miss Dominion
so much.

Four years ago when Taylor and I made the
decision to enroll her at Dominion, financially it
should not have been possible. I also knew there
was nothing more important to me than her private,
Christian education, so with a huge leap of faith I
enrolled her. One way or another, God has been so
good to always provide me with the financial means
for Taylor to attend Dominion and for that I am
so very thankful.

When I enrolled Taylor at Dominion, I knew that
her life would be blessed, but what I could not
have imaged at that time was how MY life would be
blessed by the administration, faculty, students
and parents of Dominion. Taylor and I have no
doubt established many lifelong friendships there.

So now as these 4 years are coming to an end, I
wanted to write all of you this morning to say “thank you”
from the bottom of my heart for all of the support and
encouragement you have provided to Taylor and I over
the last 4 years. We have enjoyed everyday and it has
been an awesome privilege to be involved in such a great

My husband Dale and I have been involved with many
different Christian Schools between both of our children
over the years and we both are in agreement………..Dominion
is the best school we have ever seen from every aspect.

We will miss all of you dearly, but look forward to coming
back for basketball and football games in the future.

To God Be The Glory!

Dawn Calvert & Taylor Huffstutter


Now for the rest of the story. When we were sitting in
the graduation ceremony yesterday each speaker did a
great job.

The chairman of the board of directors had a very
heart to heart talk with the parents, he ended it saying.

“Yesterday, I received an email from one of the parents
who has a daughter graduating with us today”

He then proceeded to read my wife’s email. He read it
straight from his heart and you could tell, that Dawn’s
message had deeply touched him.

We were talking about this last night when we were
visiting with family. My father in law said “You know he
probably received dozens of emails, and it was great that
he read Dawn’s”.

My thoughts were he could have & definitely SHOULD HAVE
received dozens of emails from many parents. The truth is
I am not sure if he did.

In business and in life as a culture, we seem to not be as
thankful as we once were. We are surrounded by attitudes
of entitlement and that is bad for our communities, or business,
our country and our emotional health.

Always take the time to express “SINCERE THANKS” especially
to your upline, downline team, and corporate officers. I am
not talking about brown noising and unfortunately their in no
shortage of that in our culture.

I am talking about since heart-felt thanks, when
you combine that with driving ambition you have
an unstoppable force. Who are you thankful for in
your business? Why not take a minute this Sunday
afternoon and give them a call?


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