By now everyone marketing on the internet understands that
“the money is in the list”.    Every Internet marketing seminar
you attend, you will here that statement over and over dozens

This concept is true, but I personally believe the money is in the relationship you have with your list.   Ultimately, the success you have with your list will be in direct proportion to the value you provide.   If you don’t get this right, over the long haul a list with a bunch of names and email address is of no value.

You must focus on providing value to your list not making money.  If you provide value, the money will come.  Ultimately your income is in direct proportion to the value you add the market place that you serve.

The function of your website is to gather data from the potential
customers and clients that visit your website.  Follow-up is always
more important than the initial contact, however you must be able to capture the prospects data when they visit your website or you have no way to follow up.

Unfortunately in today’s market place being able to collect legitimate data from your website visitors is becoming more and more of a challenge.  I have seen statistics that indicated that over the past eleven months the number of people responding to lead capture or squeeze pages with legitimate data has decreased over 600%.

Think about this do you personally have a catch all email account that you never check?
So do your potential clients and customers.  This is becoming more and more of challenge for credible marketers who wishes to market online.

So what is the answer?  How can we increase our odds and insure that more potential customers and clients leave us correct, primary data?  It may sound simple, but we have been testing this method for more than a year and have seen a drastic increase not only in amount of data received, but also correct data!

Offer your website visitor something of real value, free or at a ridiculously low investment that must be sent to them through the postal service.  Dale are you telling me that I need to start mailing them booklets, CD’s, DVD’s or other physical products that could be delivered digitally?   I am not telling you, you have to do anything.  I am saying that if you want to increase the your opt in rates on your lead capture/squeeze pages with real useable data, this is the answer.

Think about it.  If a potential customer/client is expecting you to mail them a physical product, aren’t they going to give you their correct postal mailing address?  Of course they are, and the odds of them including their correct phone number and primary email address also increases dramatically.

Doesn’t this make perfect sense?  It seems fairly obvious doesn’t it?  Yes there are a few challenges with this method, what physical product do you offer?   Do your research; you will be able to locate a CD, DVD, or Booklet that you can buy in bulk.  After you locate an “entrepreneur minded” product it simply becomes a matter of buying shipping supplies and adding a postage program to your computer and you are ready to go.  This may sound like a little extra work, and it is, but it better than watching the value of your existing squeeze page and lead capture pages diminish every month.

Dale Calvert is a self-made marketing millionaire who has just launched a new unique service for marketers who need to generate quality leads in the opportunity seekers market.  His company Calvert Marketing Group provides clients a lead capture page offering a Free CD by world renowned Robert Kiyosaki they also mail the Audio on their clients behalf and provide the data for follow up.  Details on this unique, affordable service can be found at

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